Acadian Plant Health wins spot on Germination’s Top 10 Most Innovative Products

Jun. 27, 2022

Acadian Plant Health™, a leading provider of innovative, sustainable crop care solutions, announced its seaweed extract has won a spot on Germination’s list of Top 10 M...

Tenth Meeting of Rotterdam Convention fails to include paraquat in Appendix III of PIC, being an irreplaceable herbicide safeguarding global agricultural security

Jun. 23, 2022

From 6 to 17 June, 2022, the Tenth Meeting of the Parties to the Rotterdam Convention (COP-10) was held in Geneva, Switzerland. During the conference, paraquat was announ...

Solvay: Microplastics restriction, biologicals… How regulations and trends in seed treatment create opportunities for the development of new seed coatings?

Jun. 13, 2022

Solvay, as a historical leader in formulation solutions, is monitoring closely these trends and investing accordingly, both in biocontrol formulation expertise and most r...

Borregaard: Committed to Microplastic-free Biobased Sustainable Seed Coating Technologies

Jun. 10, 2022

Borregaard can offer solutions compatible with seed protection and seed enhancement formulations. Our offering for seed coatings includes microplastic free biobased susta...

YUELIAN launched new solution for garlic rust including Pyraclostrobin, Prohexadione-calcuim

Jun. 9, 2022

Nowadays it’s the period of frequent occurrence of garlic rust during the rainy season in Henan province of China. When garlic rust is serious, the yield and quality of ...

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