Lallemand Plant Care: Unique new Bradyrhizobium species give more than nitrogen fixation

Jul. 18, 2024

Below is the transcript of the interview with Adam Fast, Field Solutions Specialist at Lallemand Plant Care.

GSP Crop Science launches innovative fungicide ‘ELEMENT’ in India to address multiple diseases in Rice crop

Jul. 17, 2024

GSP Crop Science, Indian Agrochemical manufacturer and marketer, announces the launch of its unique fungicide , ELEMENT, designed to address the domestic agricultural mar...

Battelle: A One-Stop Shop for Biological Formulations

Jul. 17, 2024

″As an organization, Battelle boasts over 20 years of experience in formulation development. Many of our experts bring at least 40 years of industry experience to this a...

Takeouts of 2300+ Trials with Biofertilizers: Challenges and Opportunities

Jul. 17, 2024

Overall, we have conducted thousands of trials and have extensive experience applying biologicals across millions of hectares. Our research indicates that biofertilizers ...

【Chinese Aerial Crop Protection Industry Watch】Bayer Crop Science: ″Drone Plus″ enables optimization and balance of effectiveness and efficiency of drone application, with a high-standard service leading high-quality industry development

Jul. 17, 2024

Recently, AgroPages invited some key players in this field to discuss and analyze the problems and challenges faced by aerial applications, share solutions, practical exp...

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