Meghmani Organics Limited begins commercial production of Cyfluthrin, Spiromesifen in Dahej, India

Sep. 27, 2022

Meghmani Organics Limited (MOL) began the commercial production of Cyfluthrin and Spiromesifen, with initial capacity of 500 MT p.a. for both the products, in Dahej.

Significant Breakthrough Made In the Crystal Form Technology Of Plant Endogenous Growth Regulator Natural Brassinosteroids

Sep. 20, 2022

In 2022, the patent of natural brassinosteroid crystal form originally developed by Chengdu Newsun successfully obtained the PCT international patent acceptance notice, w...

Pakistan agricultural and agri-inputs market under flood strike

Sep. 16, 2022

Considering the disasters happening to Pakistani agriculture, the writer managed to contact several Pakistani local agricultural inputs companies, including Muhammad Shaf...

Azotic registers Encera™ systemic nitrogen fixing biological in European Union

Sep. 16, 2022

Azotic Technologies Ltd announced on Thursday that Encera™ systemic nitrogen-fixing biological is now registered in Europe. The first registration has been received thro...

Making High Quality and High Performance Biologicals to Increase Crop Productivity and Food Nutritional Content -- Interview with Bernardo Arnaud and Yuri Maggi

Sep. 15, 2022

In the edition of the ″2022 Biological Special″ magazine, Bernardo Arnaud invited one of his entrepreneurial partners, Yuri Maggi, to discuss with AgroPages the develop...

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