EAS looks forward to seeing you at NAICC meeting 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee

Jan. 19, 2023

Eurofins Agroscience Services will attend 2023 NAICC Annual Meeting, looks forward to seeing you at NAICC meeting 2023 in Nashville, Tennessee.

Shandong Kangqiao’s pyraclostrobin EC granted registration in Canada, another important breakthrough in North American market

Jan. 12, 2023

AgroPages just learned that in 2022, Shandong Kangqiao Biotechnology Co., Ltd., achieved one more important breakthrough in the marketing of its strategic product pyraclo...

Social organization standard for r-PGA compound fertilizer, r-PGA DAP approved in China, Shineking Biotech acting as lead drafter

Dec. 30, 2022

On December 27, 2022, the China Phosphate and Compound Fertilizer Industry Association released the r-PGA (γ-Polyglutamic Acid) Compound Fertilizer Social Organization S...

GM crops and pesticides: registration processes in Brazil

Dec. 29, 2022

The Registration processes and requirements for GM crops and pesticides used thereon in Brazil are extensive and complex. They require expert understanding and interpret...

【Country report】Mexico Agriculture: Thrive on the Shift from Efficiency to Resiliency / Serie #1

Dec. 28, 2022

When it comes to Mexican agriculture, people can usually name several agricultural products they know or love. But little is known about Mexican agriculture in general, a...

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