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Grace Yuan


Empowering Agriculture: Nouryon’s solutions in Agrochemical Formulations

May. 24, 2024

Crop protection chemicals play a critical role in the overall agriculture industry, helping to maximize the yield and quality of crops to meet the growing global demand f...

Advancing Sustainable and Regenerative Agriculture with Momentive's Soil Adjuvants

May. 23, 2024

Making waves in the agricultural industry, Silwet Power is a novel powder super-wetter soil adjuvant developed by Momentive. Emerging as an innovative product for growers...

SURFOM® 8963 – Novel In-can Adjuvant for Glufosinate 420 g/L Liquid Formulations Enhances Performance in the Field

May. 23, 2024

SURFOM® 8963 represents a significant leap forward in glufosinate formulation technology. With its ability in helping deliver great weed control, reduce costs, and promo...