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Grace Yuan


The 10 Agtechs Promising to Transform the Brazilian Agribusiness in 2024

Feb. 5, 2024

At the beginning of each year, I make it a point to reflect on the past and outline plans. Now, as the CEO of Ciarama Máquinas, a John Deere dealership in Mato Grosso do...

Cultivating Change: How Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing Agriculture

Sep. 6, 2023

With challenges like extreme weather patterns and food supply in focus, digitizing data collection and analysis through digital platforms proves crucial. Here, Ron Baruch...

Top 10 global agricultural highlights of 2022 | Exploring countermeasures and opportunities, capturing new growth areas

Mar. 10, 2023

At the start of 2023, we have aimed to analyze major industry events, emerging businesses, new technologies, new applications, new regulations, new policies and new conce...