Seed Treatment



Christina Xie


EPS Activation and Hydro-Lock Technology Is Increasing Soybean Nitrogen Fixation

Aug. 10, 2023

At MBFi, we meet all of the above criteria to ensure that we sell products of high quality. MBFi has developed, through many years of testing and trialing, a very uniqu...

Experts’ Insight on Rice Seed Treatment: Challenges, Innovations, and Integrated Solutions

Aug. 7, 2023

Similar to human growth, the germination of rice seeds and healthy growth rice seedlings are very important stages in the whole growth period of rice, which have a vital ...

Ten Billions Seed Treatment Market Ushers in Historic Innovation and Development Changes

Aug. 2, 2023

Seed treatment is a cost-effective approach to controlling plant pests and diseases. Through the use of physical treatments, as well as chemical and biological products, ...