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What is Agropages Press Alliance?

This is a "we media" time, when every company or organization can create and share information. Agropages Press Alliance is a Press Alliance established jointly by agrochemical enterprises active worldwide for the purpose of publication and exchange of business information among the industry.

In the course of information exchange, the company reputation and brand image of the members of the Alliance are disseminated via the great influence of internet and Agropages.

How to become a member of Press Alliance?

If you believe your Press Release to be of news value, please create an account and submit your Press Release following the instruction.

If your Press Release is reviewed and approved by our editor, we will notify you that you have obtained the membership of Agropages Press Alliance, in which case your company logo is displayed on the list of members on the left side and meanwhile your Press Release will be put on the AgroNews.

Requirements for the Press Release

"A press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the news media announcing something claimed as having news value with the intent of gaining media coverage."

A press release can announce a range of business news such as:awards, accomplishments, new products, new services, new expansion, executive promotions, sales and other financial data, etc. In fact, the topics for press releases are endless, but note to avoid sales or advertising language.

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