Underground Pests & Nematicides



Grace Yuan


The Rise of Bionematicides: Tackling the Multi-Billion Dollar Threat of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes

Nov. 13, 2023

Feared by many farmers, plant-parasitic nematodes feed on plant structures, especially roots, tubers and bulbs, and can lead to severe losses in many crops. Globally, pla...

Sino-Agri United’s first patented green chemical nematicide trifluenfuronate is expected to enter domestic and global market

Sep. 28, 2023

After receiving promising results from toxicity tests, researchers at Chines agrochemical company Shandong Sino-Agri United Biotechnology (Sino-Agri United) breathed a si...

VICTRATO®: A New Seed Treatment Tackling the Hidden Threat to Yields

Jul. 24, 2023

Syngenta Crop Protection Seedcare unveiled VICTRATO® in 2022. It took about a decade to identify a new chemical class, optimize it and develop a single, potent compound ...

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