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Jan. 11, 2010

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Jan. 11, 2010

Signed  December  15,  2009,  the  EU-Latin America  Bananas  Agreement  ended  one  of  the  worlds  longest-running  trade  battles, cutting import  tariffs on bananas  from  Latin America  to  the EU. The settlement ensures lower banana prices for Europeans, and greater sales for Latin American growers, as they gain access to the worlds largest ($6.7 billion) banana market.

Since  the  signing  of  this  agreement,  the  Stockton  Group,  holder  of  Timorex Gold,  the residue-free  bio-fungicide  for  the  control  of  Black  Sigatoka  in  Banana,  has  seen  a significant  rise  in  interest  in  its  product  from  numerous international  banana  companies and  Latin  American  plantations. These entities are eager to meet the EU preference requirement for residue free bananas while still ensuring high yields volume and quality.

Considered one of the most damaging and costly banana diseases, Black Sigatoka is a leaf spot disease caused by the Mycosphaerella fijiensis fungus. Banana plants damaged by Black Sigatoka yield up to 50%  less fruit, and control of the fungus accounts for up to 30% of total banana production costs worldwide.

Timorex Gold has been proven effective as a prophylactic and eradicant, controlling Black Sigatoka  in  bananas while maintaining  excellent  crop  quality  criteria,  with  no  effect  on banana  organoleptic  and  physicochemical  properties.  Non-residue Timorex Gold is already registered in most banana-growing countries - Colombia, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Mexico, Republic Dominican and Philippines.

"At Stockton, we are committed to effective, sustainable solutions  to pressing agricultural problems,”  said  Mr.  Jimmy Lewensohn, Commercial Manager for the Stockton Group.

"Timorex Gold  is a clear choice  for Latin American growers – offering effective control of
Black Sigatoka damage, while meeting European demands to reduce both fruit chemical load and environmental damage,” he concluded.

About The Stockton Group
The  Stockton  Group  is  a  global  supplier  of  high  quality  crop  protection  products  and innovative eco-friendly solutions to a large and diverse group of customers worldwide.
Our comprehensive  range  of  expertly  formulated  herbicide,  fungicide  and  insecticide solutions,  coupled  with  superb  service  and  support,  offers  exceptional  product performance,  reliability,  and  safety  – meeting  the  evolving  needs  of  both  growers and crops, season after season.
For further information, please visit
www.stockton-agrimor.com or email TimorexGold@Stockton-Ag.com

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