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Mar. 3, 2015Products
Tanzania Launches New 65 Hybrid Seed Varieties
Tanzania government, through the state-run National Seed Committee, has just approved and launched over 65 new hybrid seed varieties said to be high yielding, drought-tolerant and disease-resistant, aimed at boosting agriculture in the country.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Companies
Chromatin Expands its Executive Team
Chromatin Inc., a leading agriculture technology company, has appointed Charles Miller as its vice president of business development and international sales.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Products
Bayer CropScience launches new improved weed and pest app in UK
Bayer CropScience launches new improved weed and pest app in UKA new mobile app that combines weed and pest identification with treatment information has been launched by Bayer CropScience in UK.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Products
Monsanto’s RR 2Xtend soybeans to deliver benefits across all maturity groups
Monsanto is advancing toward commercializing Roundup Ready 2 Xtend soybeans, and this year the company will expand its training and education efforts to reach a broader number of growers and geographies.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Companies
Quest Products to Pay $88,533 civil penalty for Violations of the FIFRA
The US agrochemical company Quest Products (Linwood, Kansas), has agreed to pay a civil penalty of $88,533 related to the sale or distribution of unregistered and misbranded pesticides.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Regulations
USDA/APHIS announces withdrawal of 2008 proposed rule for biotechnology regulations
The USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) is withdrawing its 2008 proposed rule that would have amended the regulations regarding the introduction (importation, interstate movement, and environmental release) of certain genetically engineered organisms.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Products
Monsanto applies to APVMA for approval for a new GM cotton variety
Monsanto plans to release the new GM cotton variety called Bollgard III that is resistant to pests such as the cotton boll worm in the 2016-17 cotton season if it receives approval from the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA).   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Products
Monsanto Announces Next Class Products for Dekalb, Asgrow Brands
Monsanto recently announced its 2016 Next Class products for the Asgrow and Dekalb brands.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Regulations
Brazil Ag Ministry updates earworm control data‏
Alagoas, Bahia, Goiás, Minas Gerais, Maranhão and Mato Grosso are the Brazilian states in the condition of phytosanitary emergency for the corn earworm. They are part of the suppression plan of the plague and are oriented to adopt a set of measures coordinated by the country's Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock, and Supply described at the ordinance 1,109 published in 2013.   Read More
Mar. 3, 2015Products
Dow introduces three new cutting-edge hybrid corn in Argentina‏
DS 507 PW, DS 512 PW and DS 538 PW are the three new hybrid corn seeds launched in Argentina's market by Dow AgroSciences. These products were designed to complement the corn portfolio with high potential of yields and crop health covering crop zones.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Markets
India’s Rabi Crops Sowing Down by 4.14 Million Hectares
India’s rabi crop sowing area coverage has recorded a negative growth at 61.79 million hectares as on February 20, 2015, registering a drop of 4.14 million hectares according to data released by directorate of economics and statistics, Indian agriculture ministry.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Products
US approves FMC’s Capture 3RIVE 3D insecticide for use with 3RIVE 3D in-furrow delivery system
Capture® 3RIVE 3D™ in-furrow corn insecticide from FMC has received US EPA registration for use with the new 3RIVE 3D™ ultra-low volume, in-furrow delivery system. The 3RIVE 3D system allows growers to treat up to 500 acres in one fill, using less than one-tenth the liquid carrier volume typically required to treat the same acreage.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Products
The Climate Corporation builds on success of free Climate Basic service for farmers with new functionality
Climate Basic™ is a free web and mobile app, used by farmers on more than 50 million acres in the U.S., that helps farmers optimize their daily decision making with field-level weather information. This spring, the tool will deliver an even simpler user interface for farmers, an upgraded notifications system, and added scouting functionality.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Companies
AgRenaissance and Iteris Partner on Precision Ag Tool
AgRenaissance Software LLC has agreed to integrate Iteris’ ClearAg Select high-resolution, field-level weather information into its FieldX suite of software for agricultural producers, agronomists and applicators.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Markets
U.S. Ag Groups Urge EU Commission to Make Timely Decisions
13 agricultural organizations recently signed and sent a letter to the European Commission asking leaders to make timely regulatory decisions regarding requests for approval of 13 new biotechnology products.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Products
Monsanto Philippines introduces four new Bt corn seed varieties
Monsanto Philippines is introducing four new high-yielding and disease-resistant BT corn seed varieties in the next three years as it produces most of its seeds locally.   Read More
Mar. 2, 2015Companies
Monsanto says GM corn trial in final stage in India
Monsanto's Indian subsidiary expects to submit final trial results for its genetically modified (GM) corn to lawmakers within a year for the government to then decide on a commercial launch, the company's country head said recently.   Read More
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