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Oct. 31, 2014Companies
Arysta moves to new headquarters in Latin America
Arysta LifeScience announced that its new headquarter has been moved to São Paulo. According to the company, the new building attends rigorous international construction standards.   Read More
Oct. 31, 2014Products
Agdia, Inc. announces ImmunoStrip for testing MIR162 transgenic corn
Agdia, Inc. announces ImmunoStrip for testing MIR162 transgenic cornAgdia, Inc., a leading provider of easy-to-use test kits for agricultural diagnostics, announces commercialization of a new lateral flow test strip which was developed to detect Vip3A protein expressed in transgenic corn, event MIR162.   Read More
Oct. 31, 2014Companies
Syngenta Seeds President joins board of The Mama Ada Foundation
Syngenta Seeds, Inc. President and Syngenta Region Director-North America Ponsi Trivisvavet has joined the board of The Mama Ada Foundation.   Read More
Oct. 31, 2014Companies
Chemtura AgroSolutions sales down 5% in Q3 2014
Chemtura AgroSolutions' net sales decreased $6 million or 5% resulting from $7 million in lower sales volume and $2 million in unfavorable foreign currency translation, partly offset by $3 million in higher selling prices.   Read More
Oct. 31, 2014Products
Monsanto deals with 500 companies on Intacta‏ sales
Monsanto announced a deal with nearly 500 companies to receive GMO soybeans with the Intacta technology in Brazil. The announcement comes in response to a statement from the Brazilian Association of Oilseed Industry (Abiove), in which it says   Read More
Oct. 31, 2014Companies
Top 20 Indian agrochemical firms: growth driven by booming market
According to the ranking list of top 20 global agrochemicals companies published by AgroPages, the entry level to 2013-2014 top 20 Indian agrochemicals is INR 3.90 billion. The total sales of the top 20, if converted to US$, has reached $4.70 billion, accounting for above 90% of the Indian agrochemical market share, which shows a high degree of centralization. What is different from Brazilian market which is dominated by international industry leaders, Indian local enterprises have performed quite well in the Indian market although international transnational companies are important players in the market.   Read More
Oct. 30, 2014Companies
FMC sales up 4% in Q3 2014
Third-quarter segment revenue for FMC Agricultural Solutions was $548.8 million, an increase of 4 percent versus the prior-year quarter.   Read More
Oct. 30, 2014Regulations
US EPA sought on dichlorvos reassessment
US EPA is calling for submissions on its reassessment of dichlorvos and its formulations.   Read More
Oct. 30, 2014Companies
DuPont discusses its Pioneer business with investors
Next year will be a "challenging" one for farmers, DuPont said, flagging headwinds to its own prospects from reduced farm prosperity - although the downturn has not dulled the group's appetite for ag-sector deals.   Read More
Oct. 30, 2014Products
Valent launches ProGibb LV Plus Plant Growth Regulator
Valent U.S.A. Corporation announced the launch of ProGibb LV Plus Plant Growth Regulator, a high-potency, liquid gibberellic acid (GA3) formulation designed to comply with California's new air quality standards for high volatile organic compound (VOC) agricultural products.   Read More
Oct. 30, 2014Companies
Monsanto Invests $20 million in integrated technology centers
Monsanto Company reinforced its commitment to further improve the genetic potential of seeds by announcing a $20 million investment in integrated technology centers as part of its global breeding program.   Read More
Oct. 30, 2014Companies
Evogene announces expansion of crop protection activities
Evogene, a leading company for the improvement of crop productivity and economics for the food, feed and biofuel industries, today announced the expansion of its crop protection activities with the completion of dedicated facilities to support research and development activities for the Company’s product programs focusing on fungi, insect and weed control.   Read More