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Biofungicide Timorex Gold brings a solution to rice blast control in Japanqrcode

Sep. 26, 2011

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Sep. 26, 2011
Rice Blast (Pyricularia oryzae) is known to be an important disease in rice in Japan.  Field tests conducted by Sankei Chemical Co. LTD., a local company in Japan, shows that Timorex Gold, at 0.35-0.5% with 250 liter spray volume per hectare, gives good control of the disease at ear stage (last crop stage) compare to commercial treatments of systemic products.

Timorex Gold is at the first year of official trials for registration in collaboration with a local Japanese company. By using this product, it will help reduce the load of chemicals in rice cultivation, especially at last stage before harvest, and will be an important tool in resistant management for the systemic.

Timorex Gold, a biofungicide based on a plant extract of the Melaleuca alternifolia, developed by STK Biomor, a member of the Stockton Group. It can be applied year round in both conventional and organic agriculture. It is absolutely non-toxic to the crop, the end-user, the farming community, the environment and is even harmless to beneficial insects. Timorex Gold leaves no residues in the soil, the water or in the air.
Source: STK Group


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