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Seawinner 818: Elevating Germination Rates by Boosting Seed Coating Agent Efficiencyqrcode

Nov. 20, 2023

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Nov. 20, 2023

Seeds are the foundation of high-yield agriculture. During the agricultural cultivation process, seeds are susceptible to pest and disease infestations as well as environmental stress. Therefore, seed coating agents are favored by many growers. Currently, the active ingredients in seed coating agents are mostly pesticide components, providing functions such as sterilization and insecticide. The germination of seeds and the growth of seedlings are significantly affected by adverse environmental conditions such as high temperatures, high humidity, and cold. By adding biostimulants to seed coating agents, the germination rate of seeds can be increased, and their ability to resist environmental stress can be enhanced. Simultaneously, this can stimulate the growth of seedlings, serving as an effective measure to improve crop yield and quality.

Seawinner 818 is prepared using Seawin's patented extraction technology - the "Double Alga Enzymolysis-Fermentation Coupling Extraction Technology." With a pH value close to neutral, it is rich in numerous active functional groups, can stimulate seed germination, encourage the development and growth of seedling root systems, enhance crop resilience, and effectively alleviate the phytotoxicity of seed coating agents. Simultaneously, it improves the efficacy of seed coating agents, laying the foundation for high-yield and high-quality crops.

Experiment I: The stability and blending effectiveness of Seawinner 818 with seed coating agents

When 3.12% of Seawinner 818 were added to the seed coating agent (9% Difenoconazole·Fludioxonil·Thiamethoxam FS), the state of the seed coating agent remained stable, exhibiting good barrel-mixing properties. Coating wheat seeds with the seed coating agent containing Seawinner 818 (3.12%) and a competitor's seed coating agent resulted in uniformly coated wheat seeds


Experiment II: The Germination Effect of Seawinner 818 in Wheat Seeds Coated with Seed Coating Agent

Adding 3.12% of Seawinner 818 to the seed coating agent resulted in a 9.34% increase in germination rate compared to the competitor on the 4th day and a 6.0% improvement compared to the seed coating agent treatment alone. Therefore, Seawinner 818 effectively breaks seed dormancy, promotes seed water absorption, shortens swelling time, stimulates early seed germination, and enhances wheat germination rates.



Experiment III: The Growth-Promoting Effect of Seawinner 818 in Seed Coating Agent

After combining Seawinner 818 with a seed coating agent at a dosage of 3.12% for wheat coating, the wheat plant height and root length increased by 4.3% and 31.05%, respectively, compared to the competitor. Wheat soluble protein and soluble sugar also increased by 37.95% and 1.02% compared to the competitor, indicating that the use of Seawinner 818 in conjunction with seed coating agents promotes seedling growth.


Experiment IV: The Salt Tolerance Effect of Seawinner 818 in Seed Coating Agent

At a 5‰ salt stress level, the addition of 3.12% Seawinner 818 to the seed coating agent resulted in an increase of 5.88% in plant height and 8.63% in root length compared to the competitor. The above-ground dry weight and below-ground dry weight increased by 4.55% and 15.79%, respectively, compared to the competitor. Therefore, Seawinner 818 effectively enhances wheat's resistance to salt stress, maintains wheat growth, and promotes the growth of wheat roots, stems, and leaves.



After multiple experiments, the effects of adding Seawinner 818 to the seed coating agent are as follows:

  1. Exhibits excellent barrel-mix stability with the seed coating agent.

  2. Breaks seed dormancy, promotes early seed germination, increases germination rate, and reduces reseeding costs.

  3. Stimulates seedling growth, ensuring uniform and robust seedlings with good stress resistance, laying the foundation for high-yield, high-quality crops.

Additional experimental information about Seawinner 818 will be shared in upcoming articles. For more details, please contact:


email:eileen.wang@coub.cn    www.seawin-bio.com



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