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How Optimism and Positive Mindset Enabled Point Group to Lead Latin America Crop Protection Industryqrcode

Aug. 23, 2022

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Aug. 23, 2022

As an established leader in the Latin American crop protection industry, the Point Group continues to enjoy year-over-year growth in its regional market share.

Always working towards a more successful future, it leverages its corporate values of optimism and resilience to motivate its employees and further deepen its partnerships with its valuable customers and suppliers. Even and especially during periods of economic hardship, such as the current time when countries around the world are facing historic levels of inflation and supply chain challenges, the team at Point have doubled down on its core values, to continue delivering exceptional products and customer service.

Based in Montevideo, Uruguay, the Point Group has been offering innovative solutions tailored to increasingly demanding markets in Chile, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Mexico and Venezuela for more than 38 years.

The health crisis, the impact of the war between Russia and Ukraine, the rises in the costs of supplies and freight, and production delays have collectively tested our relationships with farmers. We have been engaging with our customers in completely new and unprecedented ways, demonstrating our unwavering commitment to their success, as well as our own. We are very proud of the fact that we are continuing to meet the high expectations and demands of our customers by never compromising on our quality and safety standards. We are able to maintain this consistency through the current economic hardships, due to the dedication of our hard-working team and the robust partnerships we have built and nurtured with our suppliers over the past three decades,″ said Facundo Ganin, Point´s Managing Director.

With over 400 registrations and 600 formulations across its various markets, Point sets itself apart from the competition by offering one of the most comprehensive portfolios of crop protection products in Latin America, and delivering them to even the most remote locations across the continent. Its product development team focuses on making the newest and most advanced products available to all farmers, no matter how big or small. Most notably, Point has been a pioneer in providing organic and sustainable crop protection products for decades, and is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of organic products in South America.


A Point Colombia sales representative assisting a rancher in the north of Antioquia, Colombia


A potato farmer in his crop after a successful application of Point products in Huánuco, Peru

The group’s ongoing growth can be largely attributed to its shift from national to regional strategies and operations. The crops, soils, resources and climates that span across Latin America are incredibly vast and complex. The company’s regional approach enables it to more efficiently serve a wider range of customers who export their crops not only locally, but also to major European countries, the United States, China, Japan and other Asian markets.

Worthy of special mention is the work of the group’s regulatory affairs team and its relationship to the various governmental certifying agencies in each country. At present it has more than 60 registrations in process of being authorized.

Point has maintained a continuous improvement policy tailored to the solutions sought by its customers who are always searching for new, more modern and efficient product alternatives that are environmentally-sustainable. Therefore, the group continues to expand its reach by adding products that are environmentally-friendly. Scot von Bergen, the group’s founder and president, anticipated the growth of the biologicals market over a decade ago, and he is committed to advancing that segment of his business before any competitors. That foresight has paid off, and the group’s related growth has been exemplary. By 2021, 20% of the group’s total sales comprised of biological products. The next milestone will be to increase that number to 50% of total sales by 2025.

Point’s development team studies and assesses various potential products before it considers them worthy of being added to the group’s product portfolio. Potential product testing is a laborious and time-consuming process, which requires multiple field trials in different areas and crops, as well as in vitro laboratory tests to identify the optimal composition, uses, dosages and the most efficient timings for each product’s application.

Point’s distribution channels reach many countries with a wide range of soils and climate conditions. Consequently, they are required to offer customized solutions that are tailored to the unique needs of each client, and there is no ″one size fits all″ approach. For example, a certain product could be used at different times and for different crops depending on the region.

Our slogan, ‘Delivering Quality,’ is not an empty phrase, it is an endorsement, a guarantee and one of the features that Point’s customers most appreciate and value. These are products that have been approved and, above all, proven in Latin America. This fact enables us to assure our customers that they can trust our products,″ said Facundo Ganin, the group’s managing director.

As added value, Point’s technicians are working hand-in-hand with local distributors and experts in all markets, especially in terms of launching new products. Technicians are keeping farmers informed about the technical features of products in development, as well as providing information around their usage and efficacy, and teaching farmers how to obtain better profits in their operations by applying Point products.


A field technician conducting an efficacy test on an rice patty in Tarapoto, Perú


Cherry experts provide technical training for the Point Chile sales team in Curicó, Chile


Technical presentation by an expert in vegetable crops sponsored by Point Chile in Malloa Chile

The Point Group is not just a provider of crop protection products and solutions. Over the past 30 years, it has also been building a robust supply chain. Through ongoing investments and initiatives, it has collaborated with various manufacturers, undertaking joint efforts to identify and offer solutions to the region’s agribusiness sector, while always implementing strict continuous quality control practices.

Over the course of many years, Point and its associated manufacturers have forged strong, long-term relationships. This type of collaboration fosters positive synergy between companies, resulting in partnerships that resemble a family. Due to this closeness and confidence, suppliers continue to prioritize their relationship with Point during this time of scarcity of materials, and the group’s product availability has remained virtually intact,″ said von Bergen.

Supplying humanity with healthy foods is dependent on growing healthy crops. New company developments are, therefore, focused on biological protection technologies, which are products that respect vital resources, such as the soil and water, and comply with good practices for both production and waste-mitigation purposes.

The Point Group remains committed to enhancing its status as one of the most respected leaders in the Latin American crop protection industry, by  continuing to focus on providing farmers with effective, low-toxicity products, with an emphasis on biological and organic products. The company will achieve this goal by tapping into its culture of resilience and optimism, which will ensure that it remains focused on a successful and prosperous future, even and especially during these times of economic hardship.

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This article was initially published in AgroPages' '2022 Latin America Focus' magazine.


Source: AgroNews


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