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UPL Brasil creates "Buffalo Team" to seek balance in use of nutrients, waterqrcode

Nov. 8, 2016

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Nov. 8, 2016

According to a statement from agronomist Luiz Fernando Schmitt, the head of the Nutrition Business Unit of UPL Brasil, “Creating a proactive management to intelligently plan the use of resources requires deep knowledge of the physiology and plant nutrition, besides the concepts of water and soil fertility. It is necessary to understand all these points to seek solutions and act to break these perspectives.”

With this as goal, the agrochemical company created a 'Buffalo Team,' a group that gathers the most recognized researchers who seek a more sustainable agriculture with balanced use of water and crop nutrients. “Brazil, due to its continental geography, has different climates and particularities in each state, which can help bring a common solution. Each scientist has his own experience on what worked and what did not, and the union of this knowledge has brought a wider scenario of what has happened today and what can happen in the future to bring awareness on the risks and possible solutions,” Schmitt commented.

According to him, “there were sad perspectives pointed out by the studies and they were caused by everyone in the agricultural sector. These decisions influence not only the farmer but the population, including our sons and grandsons. What in the world do we seek for them?”

The expert cited a new study by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on the effects of climate change that drastically affects the level of precipitation in South America until the end of the 21st century. “The conclusion of the study was that these changes would have important effects on Latin American and Caribbean agriculture, and would be harder to harvest, raise animals, manage forests and fish in the same places and same way as done previously,” he said.

“This data pointed out to the growing importance on the management of natural and hydric resources in Brazil and the world. Agriculture plays a very important role not only for the maintenance of quality and productivity to feed the population but because of the consumption of these resources at the time of planting. Water also forms the base of the physiological system of production as it will carry nutrients for the development of the plants,” he explained.

“All these highlight the responsibility of the sector and the necessity of rethinking methods and technologies. This can create more efficient nutrition with less use of natural resources, thus producing more food in a more sustainable way for the next generations. We have to concentrate more on the environment and make sure the producers work in a more sustainable way and have an excellent financial return. It is necessary that the farmer understands the importance of the scenario that have come from the next decades. Only our actions taken in general by all – producers, researchers and companies – at this moment can avoid a catastrophe in the future. The integration of research and development and the necessities in the field are essential,” he concluded.

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