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Spain approval for Eden’s 3AEY fungicideqrcode

Feb. 23, 2016

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Feb. 23, 2016

Eden Research plc
United Kingdom  United Kingdom

UK company Eden Research plc recently announced that it has now received authorisation in Spain for its first product, 3AEY, for use in the prevention and treatment of botrytis in table and wine grapes. 3AEY will be sold in Spain by Eden’s partner Sipcam Iberia, S.L. (“Sipcam”) under the tradename “ARAW”™. Eden will realise royalties from the sale of ARAW in Spain.

This is another significant milestone for Eden which allows the Company to access the third largest wine producer in the world. 3AEY has already been authorised for sale in Kenya, Malta, Greece, Bulgaria and most recently Italy, increasing the geographic footprint of sales in the 2016 growing season. 3AEY is a terpene-based fungicide that specifically targets Botrytis, a widespread fungal disease that causes grey mould on many fruits and vegetables leading to the rapid loss of commercially valuable crops. Botrytis can destroy as much as 30% of a vineyard in a matter of days if vines are left untreated.

Sean Smith, Chief Executive Officer of Eden, said: “Approval in Spain represents the clearance of another hurdle in the commercialisation of 3AEY across Southern Europe, which has been eagerly anticipated by Eden, Sipcam and growers alike. Spain is a major producer of high-value fruits and vegetables, including grapes, and it is the third largest wine producer in the world.  Sipcam has already initiated pre-marketing efforts and is now able to pursue full product launch for ARAW™ in time for this year’s growing season.  Sipcam is well-positioned to gain a substantial market share over the next few years, and we will work to support them wherever possible.
“Going forward, we will continue to work with Sipcam to support the further development of 3AEY for non-grape crops through the label extension process.  Furthermore, we are also working together to explore the potential to develop 3AEY for the treatment of other fungal pathogens on grapes and other high-value fruits and vegetables.

“Spain grows a number of other indoor crops which are exported all around the world. The worker safety benefits of using effective, biological products, such as 3AEY, when used in enclosed environments are clear and desirable. This presents Sipcam with the opportunity to sell 3AEY, in due course, for crops other than grapes which will help to derive further value from the investment that both Eden and Sipcam have made to date.”


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