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EU approves EDEN's three aisqrcode

May. 22, 2013

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May. 22, 2013
Eden Research plc(EDEN) announces that the three active substances (eugenol, geraniol and thymol) that are used in the Company’s lead product, 3AEY, have been approved for use in plant protection products by the European Commission under Regulation (EC) No. 1107/2009 within the European Union.

These approvals are the successful outcome of a process which has taken over seven years to complete and into which the Company has invested considerable time and resources. This is the key regulatory milestone for the business and allows the actives to be used with Eden’s encapsulation technology in any combination to create a range of agrochemical products for a variety of applications. These approvals will also trigger decisions by other regulators outside of the EU, particularly in Africa, who monitor European regulatory approvals and where sales are expected in a much shorter timeframe.

In Europe, individual products, such 3AEY, require separate national approvals. The Company’s lead agrochemical product, 3AEY, is a very effective and naturally derived Botryticide. Botrytis is a widespread fungal disease that causes grey mould on most fruits and vegetables often leading to the rapid loss of commercially viable crops. The average losses from affected crops account for around 20% of the total harvest, costing in the region of 10-100 billion euros worldwide. The market size for Botryticides is around $300m per annum.


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