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Bulgaria approves Eden Research’s 3AEY fungicideqrcode

Jan. 15, 2016

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Jan. 15, 2016
Eden Research plc recently announced that its first agrochemical product, 3AEY, a fungicide that primarily targets botrytis on grapes, has been approved for commercial sale and use in Bulgaria. Bulgaria is in the top 20 wine producing countries globally, and wine grapes make up the vast majority of Bulgarian production.

As part of the regulatory process in the EU, several years' worth of product efficacy trials were conducted in order to generate the data required to support the label claims of botrytis prevention and control in table and wine grapes. As well as proving disease control, other studies such as taint and vinification have also been conducted to prove the product has no negative quality effects on table grapes or when used to produce wine. Eden's 3AEY is considered by the regulatory authority to give a similar level of control to existing commercial chemical fungicides. Furthermore, the active ingredients for Eden's product have been granted an exemption from maximum residue levels in the EU thereby giving growers maximum flexibility in their crop protection programmes.

3AEY was granted authorisation by the zonal Rapporteur Member State, Malta, in May 2015 for the prevention and cure of botrytis in table and wine grapes. This was followed by authorisation in Greece in September 2015. These authorisations pave the way for commercialisation in each country. Eden's commercialisation partners such as Redestos, Sipcam and Sumi Agro France are now preparing for product launches following authorisation.

Eden's Chief Executive, Sean Smith, commented: "Authorisation of 3AEY in Bulgaria is an important additional milestone for Eden and its regional commercialisation partner, Redestos. This is now the third of seven countries in the Southern EU zone to grant its approval for the sale and use of our first product. Though outside of our control, we continue to anticipate authorisation in the remaining member states in due course, and in time for this year's growing season. Our partners are already preparing for official commercial product launches in 2016 across the region."


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