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Canada proposes approval of Bayer’s insecticide flupyradifuroneqrcode

Sep. 24, 2014

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Sep. 24, 2014
Sivanto 200 SL
The Canadian Pest Management Regulator Agency (PMRA) has proposed the approval of Bayer’s inseciticides flupyradifurone TC and end-use products BYI 02960 480 FS and Sivanto 200 SL.
Interfering with the function of insect nerves, flupyradifurone is active by ingestion and contact, but is more potent via ingestion. This active ingredient is systemic when applied as a soil treatment and has translaminar activity when applied as a foliar treatment. The formulation BYI 02960 480 FS is used to treat soybean seeds and controls soybean aphids and adult bean leaf beetles. Sivanto 200 SL is used as foliage spray on various field, vegetable, fruit and nut crops (for example, leafy vegetables, legumes, fruiting vegetables, cucurbits, pome fruit, berries. When applied as a soil application, Sivanto 200 SL controls aphids, leafhopper and whiteflies. 
Regarding health considerations, PMRA noted that spray buffer zones of 1-10 metres are required, in order to mitigate potential exposure of aquatic organisms through spray drift. To mitigate the potential effects on bees , foliar applications are to be made in the early morning or evening when bees are not actively foraging.
Bayer has launched flupyradifurone (trade mark as Sivanto Prime) in Honduras and Guatemala this year. The US EPA has scheduled registration decision for this ais by the end of this year. The comment for PMRA’s proposal is open to public until November 3rd.


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