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India CIBRC 425th meeting: NATCO receives approval for Chlorantraniliprole (CTPR)-1st key product of Crop Health Sciences Divisionqrcode

Feb. 22, 2021

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Feb. 22, 2021

The 425th Meeting of the Registration Committee (RC) was held under the Chairmanship of Dr. S. K. Malhotra, Agriculture Commissioner & Chairman, Registration Committee on 25.01.2021 at 10:00 Hrs onwards through NIC video conference. 

At the meeting, 30 registration of pesticide technical and 58 formulation products, including 12 herbicides, 18 insecticides/acaricides, 7 fungicides and 51 bio-products got approved. 

MNCs crazy for registrations in India

As to the holders, the companies of MNCs in India have been crazy to get registration certificates recently. Dow Agrosciences India and Sumitomo Chemical India got 2 registrations, FMC India, Syngenta India, ADAMA India and Arysta Lifesceince India got 1 registrations. 

In the previous Minutes of the 423rd Meeting of CIBRC, BASF India and ADAMA India got the most 4 registrations, others got 1 or 2 registrations. 

Cartap hydrochloride 98% TC sourcing from Hunan Haohua Chemical

For chemical product in this Minutes of the 425th Meeting of CIBRC, Cartap hydrochloride 98% TC got the most 5 registrations, for import only, u/s 9(4) of the Insecticide Act 1968. 

Committee deliberated the agenda and approved for extension of validity of registration certificate of Cartap hydrochloride Technical 98% w/w min. for import only, from M/s Hunan Haohua Chemical Company Ltd., Hunan, China u/s 9(4) with validity up to 15.11.2025, in respect of:

1. M/s Sumitomo Chemical India Ltd.; (F. No. 12570-END/2020)

2. M/s Krishi Rasayan; (F. No. 12583-END/2020)

3. M/s Willowood Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.; (F. No. 12783-END/2020)

4. M/s Shreeji Pesticides Pvt. Ltd., (F. No. 12822-END/2020)

Bio-products still more than 1/2

At the meeting, 51 bio-products got approved. Bio-products almost occupied more than half this time. 

For bio-products, Trichoderma viride (1.0% WP, 1.5% WP, 1.0% AS) got the most 14 registrations. Besides, Beauveria bassiana 1.15% WP got 10 registrations this time.

NATCO receives approval for Chlorantraniliprole (CTPR)-1st key product of Crop Health Sciences Division

Natco Pharma rose 2.30% to Rs 920.45 after the company said it received approval for chlorantraniliprole (CTPR)-1st key product of crop health sciences division.

In a BSE filing made during market hours, the company announced the approval of registration by the Central Insecticide Board & Registration Committee (CIB&RC) for indigenous manufacture of chlorantraniliprole (CTPR) Technical.

"NATCO would be the 1st indigenous manufacturer of this technical product, the company said in the filing.

CTPR technical is formulated into broad-spectrum insecticides used in several crops for better pest management. The active ingredient is used across products commercialised by FMC under its brands Coragen and Ferterra.

NATCO hopes to bring products based on CTPR shortly that would be affordable and accessible to farmers across India.

The sales generated from CTPR containing products in India, inclusive of third-party marketing companies, as per declaration given by FMC was estimated to be Rs 1540 crore in 2016.

The Hyderabad-based company believes the current market size to be over Rs 2000 crore. NATCO has a pending litigation against FMC for declaration of freedom to use of CTPR.

Natco Pharma manufactures a comprehensive range of branded and generic dosage forms, bulk actives and intermediates for both Indian as well as International markets.

The company reported 70.1% jump in consolidated net profit to Rs 202.40 crore on a 65.2% increase in net sales to Rs 802.20 crore in Q2 FY21 over Q2 FY20.

More details are as follows:


Above-mentioned registrations can be taken under two broad categories of registration viz.

• 9(4) Me-too Registration: This is for product and source, which are already registered in India. 9(4) is the easiest method of registration and if all the documents submitted with CIB are in proper order, then registration is issued within 6 months of making the application.

• 9(3) New Registration: This registration is for products or sources, which are not registered in India yet. Any first time registration of a molecule or of a source will be under this category. New registrations can be of:

o 9(3) – TI New Molecule: Technical import registration for a new Molecule, which is never registered in India for Import.

o 9(3) – TI New Source: Technical import registration for technical already registered in India for Import, but a new overseas manufacturer also wants to register itself as an authorized source for exporting the molecule to India.

o 9(3) – FI New molecule: Formulations, which are to be directly imported to India, in finished form.

•  TIM – Technical Indigenous Manufacturing

•  TI – Technical Import

•  FIM – Formulation Indigenous Manufacturing

•  FI – Formulation Import

Download the Minutes here:

Minutes of the 425th Meeting of India Registration Committee

Source: AgroNews

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