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Jan. 7, 2021

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Jan. 7, 2021

FertiGlobal is the agricultural business unit of Societa Chimica Larderello s.p.a. (SCL Group or Larderello Group)having started operations since 2003. SCL is an industrial giant that has worked in the boron business for 2 centuries, with businesses today covering a wide range of industry sectors such as nuclear energy, agriculture, foodstuff, fire retardant, pharmaceutical and lubricant. The Group is also the first company that has applied boron to agriculture. FertiGlobal combines plant nutrients and biostimulants supporting crops from seeds to harvest.

Like many other global crop nutrition (biostimulants) company, FertiGlobal is based upon its advanced technologies and high-quality products to make supplies to serve global growers via its worldwide sales network.

Technology-driven high-quality products

After over 10-year research and development, FertiGlobal has tested and screened out a plant defense mechanism using nutritional elements and biostimulants relevant to plant biochemistry and biochemistry. FertiGlobal uses a comprehensive crop management program backed up by eight major technologies to ensure yield quality, having gradually formed a mature product portfolio including EnNuVi® and FOLIFLO®.

EnNuVi® relies on combination of polyphenol-based plant extracts and specific nutrients. Such a compound can stimulate and enhance the natural defense mechanism of plants, which significantly enhances the self-defense and protection of plants against environmental stress. The LIFE Programme of the European Union awarded EnNuVi® Technology an ENVision project in support of constant upgrading of EnNuVi®.

The LIFE Programme of EU aims to protect the environment by saving water and reducing agricultural chemicals. Pesticides and fungicides penetrate into the soil and are exposed to air and water. As 44% of freshwater resources in Europe are used in agricultural production, therefore, pesticides directly or indirectly affect people’s food safety. It is predicted that by 2050 global population is expected to increase up to 10 billion and the agricultural production will need to expand 70% accordingly, whilst the unsustainable freshwater resource for agricultural use will account for 70%. The main objective of the ENVision project of the LIFE Programme of EU is to enable crops to obtain broad-spectrum resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses, meanwhile to significantly reduce the use of fungicides and agricultural irrigation water, as well as to increase crop yield quality and soil nutrient utilization.

FOLIFLO® Technology is FertiGlobal’s innovative technology which enables the use of nutrition efficiently and a full utilization of biostimulants, attributable to the optimal particle size of the right balanced product analysis. Through FOLIFLO® Technology, particle sizes are less than 20 µm, optimal for uptake by plant tissues, and more than 60% - 90% is even less than 10 µm. FOLIFLO® Technology provides high-concentration and high-fineness medium trace element suspensions (single or multiple); and provides cost efficient solutions through fast and lasting nutrient supply, its formulation is homogeneous and stable in cold and hot conditions. The high analysis suspensions save transport and warehousing costs.

Active promotion strategy increases brand influence

FertiGlobal's worldwide sales network covers both developed markets and emerging markets including the United States, Brazil, Argentina, the United Kingdom, Germany, India, the Philippines and China. FertiGlobal maintains a record in video or picture the feedback from worldwide dealers and growers on product applications, and has used the wide spread media promotion and influence to pass the field practices to more potential partners, thus increasing the brand influence of FertiGlobal.

Brazilian Pepper:

Brazilian pepper grower Luiz Carlos Daros Junior: “The plants look beautiful and vigorous. The black pepper has a uniform grain particle and green color with good yield. Before the use of the product, the poor inflorescence development led to immature or abscission of pepper, yellow, shriveled, ununiform pepper grain particles, which were not as vigorous as now.”


Philippine eggplant:

George Matias, a Philippine eggplant grower, said: “eggplant blooms more, grows better, and leaves are less infected by insect pest. You can see that the flowers are shiny, some of them have already borne fruit, many small fruits are standing to develop. Throughout the eggplant field, you can hardly see dead plants, thanks to the use of the product.” George said that they organized farmer meetings, many farmers tried the use of the product. Now their crops, such as okra, chili, corn and kidney beans, are growing taller and stronger. George was surprised by the effect of the product.


Vietnamese tomato, durian and gerbera:

In Vietnam, in cooperation with local partner, a large number of trial applications were conducted on tomato, durian and gerbera. Excellent results have been achieved, showing that crop root and stem are not infected with fungal disease or bacterial disease while crops have responded positively against climate stress, thus crop’s leaves grow greener and the fruits grow better.


A Chinese distributor in cooperation for 18 years:

Wang Yang, General Manager of Beijing Haifu Tiantong: “we have cooperated with FertiGlobal since 2003. Over the last 18 years, a close relationship has been built up between us. Moreover, we helped and supported each other in the difficult times over the past few months in 2020. I am proud of promotion and distribution of FertiGlobal's products in China - The high quality of these advanced crop solutions is a real safeguard for farming. I am confident that FertiGlobal's sustainable agricultural technologies will soon be popularized in China.”


Since 2019, FertiGlobal has attentively maintained a record of each communication and test, such that followers can continuously view the beginning, ongoing process and results of a program. In addition to the above case studies, there are other cases of yield quality improvement covering corn and grapes in Brazil, cotton in India, strawberry in Chile and rice in the Philippines. At the same time, the test results of resistance to stress and disease are also very evident. For example, the quality of tomato of treated tomato remains unchanged even planted at 30% reduced water use; the control of onion leaf blight in Netherlands ensures a more uniform growth versus the use of fungicide alone. As a matter of fact, manufacturers or distributors of all brands have been continuously conducting this kind of field trials, whilst FertiGlobal has set up a well-established brand operation model as how to exhibit product effect, continuous follow-up reporting and technical information sharing mechanism.

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