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Philippine disease control market: an old product but new thoughtsqrcode

Jun. 24, 2020

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Jun. 24, 2020

Mark Grageda.jpgBy Mark L. Grageda, 

General Manager, Berris Agricultural Co., Inc.

The Philippine crop protection industry is now operating under the “new normal” and therefore we have to face the “new reality” where operator’s safety is equally important with crop safety.

To remain significant and to ensure sustainability in the Philippine market, Berris Agricultural Co., Inc. is now gearing towards the development of proprietary products and biological products. Generic competition is getting less competitive especially that most Chinese and Indian suppliers are now setting up their local distribution companies here in the Philippines.

There is no move to ban or phased out Chlorothalonil, Mancozeb, Thiram and Propineb in the Philippines. The general trade market will continue the usage of these products but this segment is significantly small compared to the banana plantation market. Most of the banana growers in the Philippines however, are certified by the Rainforest Alliance. The Rainforest Alliance is an international non-profit organization working globally with various agricultural businesses to meet sustainable agriculture standards by promoting farming practices that are safe to the environment and to their workers.

With the banning and phasing out of the above-mentioned contact fungicides in the EU, the banana plantations in the Philippines being Rainforest Alliance Certified will have very limited options in their preventive disease management spray programs.

“The Safer Alternative”- This is how Berris Agricultural Co., Inc. is introducing Zineb (Z-10) in the Philippines, a long-known member of the Dithiocarbamate Family of Fungicides. The product is being manufactured in Bulgaria by Agria S.A.

OIP.jpgZ-10 is a broad-spectrum contact fungicide for the control of the main groups of fungal diseases in many agricultural crops, such as bananas, mango, pineapple and other tropical fruits, rice, vegetables, and ornamental plants. Z-10 provides a protective film over the plant surface, inhibiting spore germination of the pathogens.

The company’s commitment to quality, environmental protection, safe & healthy working conditions for their employees are also reflected in the products that they offer. Agria S.A. manufactures Zineb technical using its own advance production technology that effectively eliminates the Ethylene Thiourea (ETU) impurity which explains why Z-10 formulations have 0% dermal sensitization rate. What sets apart their Zineb from others is they formulate Z-10 using almost 97% pure technical grade.

Providing “Here and Now” efficacy against various target diseases is just a single piece of the puzzle in a sustainable crop production. To complete the picture, farmers need to know the extra features that Z-10 formulations provide:


Zineb is often compared to more famous members of the Dithiocarbamate fungicide family namely, Mancozeb, Thiram and Propineb. Having equally great value in combating economically important fungal diseases, the refined additives and high purity technical grade of Z-10 ensures reduced levels of harmful metabolites, no heavy metal content and impurities like ethylene thiourea (ETU) and propylene thiourea (PTU). These impurities are probable carcinogens that pose a serious threat in the health of pesticide applicators.

Another multisite fungicide, Chlorothalonil, is also an alternative fungicide for preventive disease control but is now being phased out in the EU for the toxicity risk of its hexachlorobenzene (HCB) impurity.  


The plant’s nutritional status impacts its susceptibility to and colonization of diseases but the sad truth is, the Philippines is one of the many zinc-deficient countries in the world. To address this, Agria S.A.’s formulation technology in Z-10 made it possible to provide up to 26% readily- available Zinc for plant’s use. Crucial to plant development, Zinc activates enzymes responsible for the synthesis of certain proteins, participates actively in chlorophyll production, helps the plant to withstand extreme temperatures, and last but not the least, participates in auxin production responsible for growth regulation and stem elongation. Zinc also strengthens the plant’s immune system the same way that a zinc food supplement strengthens the human immune system.

Resistance Management

Staying stable and effective for more than 75 years is a clear sign that Z-10 is a tool with outstanding role in fungicide resistance management. The multisite activity of Z-10 makes it almost impossible for the pathogen to develop resistance. The zinc complex in Z-10 is more stable and has stronger chemical bond compared to the Mn-Zn complex of Mancozeb. The Zinc content of Z-10 prevents the cellular mutation of the fungus and thus prevents resistance.

There are initiatives now to ban Mancozeb in India and the EU. Chlorothalonil, Thiram and Propineb are also being phased out in the EU. The main concern is operator’s safety and this is where Z-10 has the edge thereby making it a safer alternative in preventive disease management.

Z-10 is registered in the Philippines and will stay as a safer alternative. The greater concern of people on human health and environmental safety has slowly limited the platform for adulterated businesses. Nevertheless, making safe and quality products is a thorough process but Agria S.A and Berris Agricultural Co., Inc. are hand in hand in its commitment to meet the high requirements and expectations of their clients for sustainable crop protection.

Z-10 is available in 80WP and 430 OD formulations as well as a combination product with Copper oxychloride which is being sold as Z-10 Xtra.

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