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Feb. 24, 2020

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Feb. 24, 2020
Recently, Eden Research and Corteva Agriscience signed A new agreement for the Eden Research’  Sustaine™ encapsulation technology. The exclusive evaluation agreement allows NYSE-listed pure-play agriculture company Corteva Agriscience to further evaluate Eden’s Sustaine™ encapsulation technology and several formulations in biological seed treatment applications in certain major territories.
After the news was published, many readers were very interested in the  Sustaine™  technology and would like to learn more about the technology. To this end, AGROPAGES interviewed Sean Smith,  the CEO of Eden Research.
Could you please introduce Eden Research briefly?  
Sean: Eden Research is the only UK-listed company, and one of only a few globally, focused on biopesticides for sustainable agriculture. It develops and supplies innovative biopesticide products and natural microencapsulation technologies to the global crop protection, animal health and consumer products industries. Eden’s crop protection products are derived from natural plant chemistry and used on high-value fruits and vegetables, improving crop yields and marketability.
Eden’s products are formulated with terpene active ingredients based on natural plant defence chemistry and encapsulated with its branded Sustaine™ plastic-free microencapsulation technology. Eden Research’s lead product, Mevalone, has been launched in Europe, with a second product, Cedroz, close to commercialisation. New product development activities include insecticides and seed treatments.
What is the Sustaine™ encapsulation technology, and what are the advantages of this technology? 
Sean: Sustaine is a naturally-sourced, microplastic-free encapsulation system that is suitable for a wide range of active ingredients, including conventional chemical and biological actives.  Sustaine is the enabling core of Eden’s own products and provides an approach to microencapsulation that has been commercially-proven.  Stable CS formulations are possible with high loadings of active ingredients in aqueous, solvent-free formulations with good bio-activity and the potential to increase efficacy, protect against phytotoxicity and mix readily with a range of chemistries.
What are the main business of Eden Research, and till now, what're the main products that Eden Research have launched?
Sean:  The core of Eden’s business is crop protection.  Eden has launched its first product in the Southern EU with partners including Sipcam Oxon, SumiAgro and K&N Efthymiadis.  This product, known as Mevalone in most markets, is a bio-fungicide primarily targeting botrytis on fruit and vegetable crops.  Eden is seeking regulatory authorisation for the sale and use of Mevalone in a growing list of countries and on a wider range of crops, including apples.
Working with our partner Eastman, we are also preparing for the launch of our second product, to be marketed by Eastman as ‘Cedroz’.  Cedroz is a post-planting nematicide targeting free-living nematodes for a range of indoor and outdoor crops.  Eastman has recently received initial authorisations in Europe and Mexico, and further approvals are expected in 2020 and beyond.
Could you please share the strategic layout of Eden Research in the following years? 
Sean:  Eden’s focus is on the development and commercialisation of biopesticides for a wide range of crops and disease and insect pests.  Leveraging our growing reputation and close commercial partnerships, we intend to launch new products in important new segments of the crop protection market, including insecticides and seed treatments. 
Eden is also actively working with a growing number of partners to develop new, plastic-free formulations for their active ingredients including conventional chemistry as well as biologicals.  Eden’s Sustaine system is not only plastic-free, but it is suitable for a wide range of actives where we have demonstrated the ability to produce stable, highly-loaded formulations that are also solvent free.  These often benefit from enhanced efficacy and other benefits such as protection from phytotoxicity, greater compatibility and lower toxicity.
If possible, could you please share some story behind the cooperation between Eden Research with Corteva Agrisience?
Sean:  We are actively collaborating with Corteva’s seed and seed treatments businesses in the development of seed treatment ingredients.  We are targeting several major crops using Eden’s formulation technology, Sustaine, and active ingredients to deliver a range of effects for Corteva’s seed treatments.
Are there any other novel products or technologies launch plan in the next five years? If yes, could you please share something?
Sean:  We are focussed upon the development and commercialisation of new products targeting a range of sucking pests that are problematic across a range of indoor and outdoor crops on a global basis.  Furthermore, as mentioned, we are also developing the use of our active ingredients and formulation technology for seed treatments, delivering a range of effects. 

Eden intends to expand its commercial and development reach further in the coming years with the establishment of regional teams supporting registration, trials and our work with local partners.

Source: AgroNews

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