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"Seek strategic partners and resolve problems of formulation development through 2019 FAT" - Interview with Anastasia Romanovskaya, Head of marketing at LYSTERRAqrcode

Oct. 2, 2019

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Oct. 2, 2019
2019 Ag Formulation & Application Technology Congress (FAT) will be hosted by AgroPages from 14th to 15th November in Hangzhou, China.

Currently, the Congress has attracted a large number of General Director, Operation Manager, Head of R&D, Head of Production, Business Development Director of Chinese and overseas formulation manufacturers. Anastasia Romanovskaya, Head of marketing at LYSTERRA, as one of the attendees, recently accepted our interview and shared her views on LYSTERRA’s business overview, product portfolio, future expansion plan, as well as potential partners and requirementsn etc.

LYSTERRA Profile, Global Presence and Product Series

LYSTERRA is a Russian producer of Crop Protection Products. The more experience we accumulate, the more ideas and projects we generate: LYSTERRA is a multiproduct Company, at the moment we have almost 70 brands of pesticides, fertilizers, adjuvants, repellents, and also seeds of rape, corn and sunflower. Our products have the best possible formulas and concentrations of active ingredients to protect any crop in the most effective way.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step,” Lao Tzu said. “We took this step, and we are excited to improve our Company day by day and to bring those improvements to our Customers. Our goal is to provide effective solutions based on a deep understanding of needs and requirements of Russian farmers. We keep following Russian and global trends in order to better serve our Customers,” said Anastasia.

LYSTERRA has its own plant, located in Ryazan city, in the center of European part of Russian Federation. It is a chemical production fitted with innovative equipment in pesticide manufacture area. There are 4 processing lines to produce different preparative forms (EC, WS, SC). We are planning to extend and construct WDG line. The capacity of the plant is more than 50 MT per 24 hours. LYSTERRA also owns a laboratory and warehouses.

"The main goal of pesticide production is quality. We keep consistent high-quality products. We are focused on helping our Customers to provide competitive position at the market and to assure further growth of their business," stated Anastasia.

LYSTERRA is represented In the United States of America by a Partner Company named AgroShield LLC. It was founded in 2015. AgroShield imports high quality crop protection products, fertilizers and organic growth regulators that produced at our Production site in Russia.  

Target Markets&Clients and Future Expansion Plan

This year LYSTERRA has started to develop export not just to USA and former CIS countries, but also to China and Middle East. We study different markets and offer best solution from our portfolio.

Three main products for external markets are: bio anti-stress and growth regulator product, micronutrient fertilizers and the newest innovative product - solution against algal blooms. Our strategy is to find distributor in the country that will obtain the exclusive rights to sale our products.

The product above are quite a unique at the market thus we are planning to extend all over the world.

Plant strengthener is based on the bioflavonoid complex isolated from of Larch trees that grow in Siberia so it's originally Russian product. Name of active ingredient is dihydroquercetin or taxifolin.

"Micronutrient fertilizers can be created for special crop requirements. We produce it at our Production site so the compound could be unique for every plant taking in account climate characteristic of the country," said Anastasia.

The last one and the most interesting product helps to protect water from toxic Algal Blooms as it is a global problem that covers the water surface and “chokes” the ecological system underneath and produces an array of toxins that accumulate in drinking water and sea-food tissues. Annual damages estimated at more than 10 billion US Dollars. LYSTERRA invented a product that flows at different levels of water and gives the best and longer efficiency.
Crop-centric Product Portfolio

"LYSTERRA has in its portfolio more than 70 brands of Crop Protection Products. And we put into the market 5-10 new products annually to offer diversify solutions for farmers to protect most of crops. The main sector of agriculture in Russia is grains so we can suggest full treatment process with different schemes for this crop. We quite a big amount of pesticides for corn, sunflower and sugar beet as well. Recent years we are focusing on soya, rape and specialties to cover all segments of the Russian market," introduced Anastasia.

As to formulation types, LYSTERRA produces liquid forms at the moment (EC, WS, SC) but we are in a process of WDG line constructing.

The main challenge that we always face during the process of new product introduction to the market is long and expensive registration process in Russia.

Potential partners and requirements

“We are very interested in formulation of pesticide and fertilizers granules at the moment so we are searching for any Companies who can advice us with recipes, production process, product characteristics and equipment of granules.

We are following new trends, thus, the most interesting topics are any innovations and developments of agchem formulation technologies. Practices are also useful as they show true experience of real Companies,” emphasized Anastasia.

2019 FAT is open for registration globally. We welcome you to be present at 2019 FAT to dialogue with industry fellows.
Updated Agenda (The final report shall prevail)

Registration fee

- Registration fee is USD 450/person, and early bird registration fee is USD 398/person (Before 15th Oct. 2019)
- Book a team of 3+ ( enjoy 10% off )
(The fee includes conference, catering, materials, simultaneous interpretation fees).

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