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Chlorothalonil - competition accessing the market in Brazilqrcode

Sep. 17, 2018

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 Flavio Hirata
Flavio Hirata

Mr. Flavio Hirata, MBA, agronomist, consultant from AllierBrasil. He can be reached at His Skype is: flavioyhirata.


Chlorothalonil is a very important fungicide used in vegetables and more recently in soybean in Brazil. Considering soybean is the main crop in the country, the volume amount is proportionally large as well.
Until ten years ago only two players were the main suppliers: Syngenta and Oxon. Since then several new brands were launched having as source different Chinese factories. Today there are 47 registered brands: Syngenta, 10; Oxon, 10; Ihara, 7; Sipcam, 5.
Imports of chlorothalonil in August in Brazil were only from China. This shows the high dependency of this product from few manufactures with limited production.
IMPORT REPORT by AllierBrasil”, August 2018:

On the other hand, the production restrictions of this product in China may be an incentive to synthesize chlorothalonil in other countries, more probable in Latin America, targeting Brazil and the USA markets. AllierBrasil as consulting firm was already contacted by different group of investors interested in registration for Latin America countries.

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