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Nov. 17, 2016

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Zinc thiazole is a high-performance bactericide developed by Zhejiang Xinnong Chemical Ltd.with self-owned intellectual property right. The product has obtained full registrations in China and overseas countries. After a 10-year research, exploration and application practices, Xinnon’sZinc thiazolewas proved to have a safe and outstanding control efficacy on bacterial diseases in 50 crops including paddy rice, fruit trees and vegetables. So far, the product has been widely applied in 28 provinces or cities of China. It is highly recognized by Chinese farmers and being promoted by Chinese crop protection institutions to more regions of China, attributing to its excellent property of safety and control efficacy.
Being a distinctive bactericide, Zinc thiazolehas won several high-level national honors:
1. National Key Product Certificate  Environment-Friendly Zinc Thiazole 20% SC, issued by Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology.
2. Science Advancement First Prize  Innovation of Efficient Bactericide Zinc Thiazole, issued by China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation.
3. Contribution Award  Bisheng Zinc Thiazole 20% SC, issued by Chinese Society of Plant Protection and Crop Protection Product Promotion Committee.
4. Zinc Thiazole Innovation Award, issued by ChinaCrop Protection Industry Association.
5. Gold Prize in the First Chinese Green Pesticide Expo for Zinc Thiazole 20% SC, issued by China Association of Pesticide Development & Application.
Regarding its overseas market presence, Xinnonghas cooperated with local partners to have registered Zinc thiazole in Thailand. The extensive field trial conducted by clients in Thailand proves that the bactericide was very effective in the control of rice bacterial leaf streak and bacterial blight in Thailand. It was found that the rate of emergence and seedling root growth improved significantly in Zinc thiazole-soaked rice seeds.
In light of the promising market prospect of Zinc thiazole, Xinnong is hereby looking for companies with the following features to be partners of cooperation for its overseas market development:
1. Top 10 pesticide dealers in local markets.
2. With stable distribution channels.
3. Strong capacity for product promotion, especially for new product promotion and being interested in introduction of novel products.
4. In need of bactericide to fill up the gap of its product line.
5. Being capable of product registration or familiar with registration process.
6. Service covering large growing areas of paddy rice, fruits and vegetables.
To become Xinnong’s Zinc thiazole partner for joint overseas market development, please contact:
Cell phone: +8618257653533
Product description ——Zinc Thiazole
1. Structural formula:
2. CAS No.: 3234-62-6
3. Main target crops & diseases:
Main Diseases
Xanthomonasoryzaepv. oryzae
Xanthomonasaxonopodispv. citri, Xac
Xanthomonascampestrispv. Pruni)
Pseudomonas syringaepv.lachrymans
Pseudomonas pseudoalcaligenessubsp. citrulliSchaadet. al.
Erwiniacarotovora sub sp. Carotovora
Tobacco bacterial wilt

4、Features Of Zinc Thiazole: 

Broad spectrum:Zinc Thiazole has a good effect for most bacterial disease, especially for Xanthomonas and Pseudomonas, the effect is excellent. 
High safety: Zinc Thiazole is safe for crop. It can be used safely during growth stage of crop, especially in sensitive period such as nursery period and seedling stage. This is better to other copper formulation and agricultural antibiotics products on the market.
Good health benefits for plant: It can promote root growth and photosynthesis of leaf, thus enhance the resistance ability to phytotoxicity caused by herbicide application on seedling period. In the end the health crop can produce fruit with good quality.

Low risk of developing resistance: Resistance-selection of strains is very difficult on culture medium containing Zinc Thiazole. And the product has been applied in field for many years in China, with no report of resistance.
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