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Bayer’s Luna fungicides more effective for treating fungal plant diseasesqrcode

Oct. 18, 2011

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Oct. 18, 2011
Bayer CropScience announced results of new research related to the efficacy of its Luna® fungicides (active ingredient: fluopyram), which are currently pending registration and expected to be available for use in 2012.

"With more than 1,200 Luna trials in the U.S. alone, research shows that Luna’s unique chemistry and systemic mode of action will provide excellent control of some of the most problematic fungal diseases,” said Herb Young, product manager, Bayer CropScience. “This will help growers deliver the best possible fruits, nuts and vegetables to consumers.”

The active ingredient in Luna belongs to a new chemical class known as pyramides and differs from all other SDHI fungicides. Luna’s systemic manner of working enables continuous uptake through the leaf, stem and root tissue following application, providing crop protection beyond the initial spray.

Luna’s application for registration with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is pending on a variety of crops including potatoes, tree nuts and wine grapes.
Highlights of the new research findings include:

• Dr. W.D. Gubler, University of California, Davis, found that in his two years of testing in wine grapes, Luna Experience programs have been the top treatments, with disease control exceeding all other programs.

• Dr. Themis Michailides, University of California, has evaluated Luna Sensation for three years in pistachio for management of Alternaria late blight, a fungal disease that causes late season leaf drop, reducing vigor and yield the following year. His research found that Luna Sensation delivered outstanding control of Alternaria and the other key diseases of pistachio.

• Dr. Jeff Miller, Miller Research, found that when Luna Tranquility is used with potatoes, white mold and early blight control have been outstanding.

• Dr. Keith Yoder, Virginia Tech University, has found that Luna Sensation not only provided excellent powdery mildew and scab control on apples, but virtually eliminated powdery mildew outbreak the following spring.


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