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RiceTec and ADAMA partner on the release of the FullPage® Rice Cropping System in Indiaqrcode

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Jun. 4, 2024

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Jun. 4, 2024


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RiceTec, dedicated to leading innovation for sustainable rice agriculture, and its Indian affiliate Savannah Seeds introduced the FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution to the Indian market in collaboration with ADAMA, a leading global crop protection company. Specifically designed for direct-seeded rice (DSR), FullPage brings together SmartRice® genetics, SQUAD™ seed treatment, the FullPage unique IMI herbicide tolerance trait, and ADAMA’s Vezir herbicide. As a comprehensive rice cropping system, FullPage is poised to reshape rice cultivation in India.


Engineered specifically for DSR, FullPage integrates SmartRice hybrid rice genetics especially developed for direct-seeded rice to optimize crop performance. SQUAD seed treatment improves germination, protects from pests and diseases, and enhances overall performance. Tackling one of the greatest challenges in rice farming, the FullPage cropping solution features ADAMA's Vezir herbicide, specifically designed to control stubborn weeds like weedy rice, grasses and sedges. Traditional DSR practices often struggle with weed management and inconsistent germination, leading to lower yields. FullPage's advanced herbicide tolerance technology effectively combats these issues, delivering a comprehensive weed control to enable success of DSR practice while protecting yields. 

"We're thrilled to partner with RiceTec in introducing the FullPage® Rice Cropping Solution to India. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions for rice farmers, tailored to their needs," said Sahin Ozkan, General Manager of ADAMA India. "FullPage not only tackles weed management challenges but also promotes sustainability, aligning with the most advanced agricultural practices in the world. With its advanced technology and benefits like reduced groundwater usage and increased yields, FullPage offers a new approach to rice cultivation. We're dedicated to supporting the adoption of FullPage among Indian farmers."

The launch of FullPage in India marks an exciting opportunity to promote sustainable agricultural practices in the country. Leading the charge are two pioneering FullPage rice hybrids from Savannah: Sava 134 and Sava 127, tailored to excel in key regions such as Punjab, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, and Madhya Pradesh, catering to early to medium maturity segments.

"As leaders in rice seed technology, we're committed to innovative solutions that benefit farmers, consumers, and our planet," affirmed Ajai Rana, RiceTec’s Asia Pacific Business Head. "Having witnessed the remarkable success of FullPage across the Americas, we're thrilled to extend its advantages to India, reducing costs and enhancing sustainability in the world's second largest rice-producing nation."

FullPage is a total-package rice cropping system that is fully supported by a team of technical service representatives to make a positive impact on today’s farmers. These experts are readily available to assist growers in adjusting to this new cropping solution and advising on best practices for use of Vezir for each farm. Highlighting our dedication, over the three years, the Savannah team has conducted nearly 500 demonstrations, reaching more than 17,000 farmers through field visits and demonstrations. Farmers quickly recognized the benefits of the FullPage system, favoring direct seeding over transplanting. This transformative solution addresses challenges such as water scarcity, labor-intensive practices, weed management and greenhouse gases emission, paving the way for a significant shift to sustainable farming practices.

"With FullPage, we're not just introducing a product; we're transforming an entire industry,″ Rana, continued. ″Through dedicated efforts and extensive farmer collaboration, we're bringing cutting-edge technology to address critical agricultural challenges in India, from water management to weed control. FullPage holds the promise of enhancing livelihoods and ensuring a sustainable future for farmers and the environment. This launch marks a significant step towards our vision of fostering sustainable rice agriculture that delivers lasting value for farmers, consumers, and the planet."


Source: ADAMA


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