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Elicit Plant accelerates its international expansion in response to climate change and challenges in the agricultural sectorqrcode

May. 29, 2024

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May. 29, 2024

Elicit Plant
France  France

As the agricultural sector faces the threats of climate change, jeopardizing global food security, Elicit Plant, a leader in the agri-biotech industry, is successfully expanding its international reach and planning its entry into the American market by 2025. Its innovative bio-solutions, tailored for corn, sunflower, and straw cereals, have rapidly gained traction in Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, and Romania following a successful launch in France since 2022. The outstanding results, reducing water consumption in major crops by up to 20%, are propelling the company’s growth.

A rapid strategic expansion in response to the climate emergency

Globally, rising temperatures and more frequent droughts, interspersed with extreme rainfall, are severely impacting agricultural yields, often leading to significant financial losses for farmers worldwide. At the forefront of addressing these challenges, Elicit Plant develops products based on disruptive innovations that utilize phytosterols, bioactive compounds that enhance plants’ natural resilience to abiotic stress, while reducing their water consumption by up to 20%. The Best-a for corn, EliSun-a for sunflowers, and EliGrain-a for straw cereals, have quickly established themselves as essential allies in France and internationally.

Since launching Best-a in France in 2022, the company has swiftly expanded into five new countries with high potential: Brazil, Poland, Ukraine, and more recently Romania and Hungary. In November 2023, Elicit Plant’s strategic development took a significant turn with the achievement of European approval, allowing its products to be available across the 27 European Union countries.

"Each agricultural basin has its own specifics. For instance, 75% of the agricultural land in Spain is at risk of desertification. In Brazil, farmers have faced three consecutive years of severe drought. In some areas, just for corn, water stress has halved the yields with losses estimated at 30 billion euros. In France, increasingly frequent and extreme climate variations are making agricultural yields insecure in an already challenging market," says Jean-François Déchant, CEO of Elicit Plant.

Ambitious Outlook for 2025

The rapid adoption of these solutions, particularly in Eastern Europe and Brazil, highlights a particularly strong awareness in these countries of the impact of climate variations on their economy and food security. This heightened perception has facilitated accelerated growth for Elicit Plant, with a 150% annual increase in business activity since the launch of Best-a in 2022.

We are thrilled to announce that, since the launch of our first product in 2022, the Best-a, Elicit Plant has established a presence in 5 countries and has enjoyed triple-digit growth, reaching 150% growth each year. To date, we project a revenue of over 10 million for our next campaign from September 2024 to June 2025, and we are actively preparing our entry into the American market in 2025," adds Jean-François Déchant.

With a policy of innovation and sustained expansion, Elicit Plant continues its mission to accelerate the agricultural world's adaptation speed to rapidly evolving climate changes affecting all regions of the world.


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