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First Greeneye dealership opens in Nebraska, USAqrcode

May. 22, 2024

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May. 22, 2024


Greeneye Technology, the pioneer of AI precision spraying that is proven to reduce chemical use in farming by an average of 88%, has announced the opening of its first dedicated dealership. The company is partnering with Nebraska-based Boeck Seed Services to provide sales, installation and service to farmers in Nebraska and adjoining states, in the first of a planned nationwide network of dealerships to support the company’s ambitious expansion plans in the U.S.

Nadav Bocher, CEO, Greeneye Technology, comments: ″We are delighted to announce the opening of our first dealership, which represents a significant ramp-up in our U.S. operation. Throughout our journey, we have been clear that for our business to be truly scalable, we need to establish strong links with local dealers. These are the people that farmers know and trust, and with their expertise and in-depth local knowledge, we believe they are the people best placed to provide excellent service and support for Greeneye customers. We are excited to collaborate with the fantastic team at Boeck Seeds and we look forward to announcing more partnerships soon.″

Located near Exeter, Nebraska, family-run Boeck Seeds has established itself as a leading retailer and farming equipment dealer and is already the number one precision planter dealer in the state, making it an ideal partner for Greeneye.

Commenting on the partnership, Cody Boeck, Operations Director at Boeck Seeds, says: ″Weed control is without a doubt the biggest challenge facing our customers –  and at the moment, it is a challenge they are losing. Farmers want to be good stewards and spray less, not more, but at present, there is no way to do that without sacrificing yield. Greeneye’s retrofit system will change the game, enabling farmers to significantly reduce chemical use, and costs, without impacting the efficacy of their weed control strategies or reducing productivity, all while continuing to use their existing sprayer. We expect to see very high demand for this technology.″

Boeck Seeds has already begun to sell Greeneye systems for the 2025 season. In September, it will open a dedicated facility at its existing site where it will retrofit customers’ existing sprayers, ready for delivery next spring. It has also employed an extra salesperson to deal with the expected high level of demand.

During the retrofit process, the sprayer’s existing boom is replaced with Greeneye’s cutting-edge, proprietary 120ft aluminum boom, which is supplied pre-installed with the key components of the precision spraying system. These include 24 high-resolution cameras, 12 GPUs, 144 independently-controlled spray nozzles spaced at 10″ intervals along the boom to ensure highly-accurate plant-level precision spraying, and 72 high-intensity lights to allow spraying to be carried out day and night. In addition, the sprayer’s existing single line/tank system is upgraded to Greeneye’s dual line/tank configuration. This feature enables farmers to simultaneously apply residual herbicides on a broadcast basis, while spot spraying non-residual herbicides via the Greeneye line, for ultimate weed control.


The retrofit process involves installing Greeneye's proprietary 120-foot aluminum boom on the farmer's existing sprayer. The Greeneye boom is designed to seamlessly integrate with any brand, model or size of commercial sprayer. | Greeneye Technology

Once the retrofit process is complete, the Boeck team will deliver the sprayer to the customer, supporting them with in-field training to ensure a seamless transition to precision spraying, as well as providing ongoing operation and maintenance support.

Jerry Boeck, CEO, Boeck Seeds, comments: ″In today’s market, the first question farmers must ask themselves when making any purchase is: how quickly can I make this investment profitable? With the Greeneye system, a mid-size farmer will see a return on their investment very quickly. At the same time, the benefits the system offers – a significant reduction in chemical use, and costs, and improved efficacy, all with no subscription fees – are very tangible. This makes it very simple for farmers to understand the value that this technology will bring to their operations.″

He concludes: ″As a company that is highly experienced in selling and maintaining precision technologies, the Greeneye system is a very natural fit for us. We are proud to be Greeneye’s first install partner and excited to be on this incredible journey with them.″


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