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Government of India notifies IFFCO Nano Urea Plus to meet crop’s Nitrogen requirementsqrcode

Apr. 22, 2024

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Apr. 22, 2024

IFFCO announced the official notification from the Government of India, Ministry of Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, granting approval for its revolutionary product, Nano Urea Plus (Liquid) 16% N w/w, equivalent to 20% N w/v, for a duration of three years.


Nano Urea Plus stands as an innovative advancement in agricultural science, redefining crop nutrition to precisely fulfil nitrogen requirements during crucial growth stages.

This cutting-edge formulation replaces conventional urea and other nitrogenous fertilizers, ensuring optimal plant health and productivity.

The government’s gazette notification underscores the approval of Nano Urea Plus in liquid form, boasting 16% nitrogen content, pH levels ranging from 4 to 8.5, and viscosity between 5 to 30.

Over the next three years, this ground breaking product will be exclusively manufactured by IFFCO, a leader in the cooperative sector.

In a statement, IFFCO emphasized the product’s multifaceted benefits, emphasizing its role in fostering good soil health, enhancing farmer profitability, and promoting environmental sustainability.

Nano Urea Plus acts as a chlorophyll charger, a yield booster, and a facilitator of climate-smart farming practices, all while maintaining affordability at a price of only ?225 per 500ml bottle.

Dr. U S Awasthi, the Managing Director of IFFCO, shared the momentous news through a tweet, highlighting the publication of the Gazette of India. Notably, farmers across the country have embraced Nano Urea, and this enhanced version is poised to further bolster plant growth while minimizing environmental impact.

Dr. Awasthi’s tweet encapsulates the significance of the government’s approval, emphasizing Nano Urea Plus’ pivotal role in meeting crop nitrogen requirements during critical growth phases.

This announcement heralds a new era in sustainable agriculture, propelled by IFFCO’s commitment to innovation and excellence.



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