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ZDC launches innovative product: Bromothalonil +Pyraclostrobin plus 5-ALAqrcode

Feb. 3, 2024

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Feb. 3, 2024

In November 2023, the pesticide, Bromothalonil 20%+Pyraclostrobin 10% EW, of Qingdao Zhongda Agritech Co., Ltd. (ZDC) was granted registration by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The product was registered for controlling watermelon anthracnose, as well as bacterial diseases such as gummy stem blight. The product is also combined with ZDC’s unique ingredient, 5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid), to achieve double effect on crops, meaning that it not only prevents diseases but also improves the photosynthetic rate of crops, therefore, promoting photosynthesis, increasing crop yield and improving fruit quality. Currently, the product has been launched in the Chinese domestic market under the name, ZDC-Guoliang.


Anthracnose is a global disease, and its pathogen is an asexual fungal anthrax, which is harmful to a large variety of common cash crops and field crops, such as apple, pear, peach, melon, mango, citrus, grape, pepper and tomato, as well as some legumes. Anthrax can damage fruits and can also damage leaves. After fruits are infected, the initial stage will see the disease spot turn to dark green with the emergence of a water-stained spot, which has a round or irregular shape. At later stages, the disease spot gradually expands and rots. Most of the disease spot becomes black, and the damage penetrates deeply into the fruit pulp. On some occasions, the surface of the disease spot will be a small black spot with a wheel-shaped hump. The disease spot will eventually lead to the loss of edibleness and economic value of fruits. Therefore, an outbreak of anthrax is a serious threat to crop yield and quality.

One of the active ingredients of ZDC-Guoliang is bromothalonil, which is a broad-spectrum, highly efficient and low-toxic fungicide that can prevent and eradicate fungi and bacteria. It is also effective in preventing and controlling crop diseases, being especially effective against anthracnose. The product is widely used on fruit trees, grapes, vegetables, cotton, peanuts, watermelon, tobacco, tea trees and flowers for the prevention and control of various fungal and bacterial diseases, including anthracnose, scab, powdery mildew, rust, blight, damping off, root rot, canker, bacterial wilt and angular leaf spot. Its method of application is diverse and flexible, and include foliar spraying, seed treatment and soil root irrigation. All methods of application have shown satisfactory results in terms of prevention and control. 

Another active ingredient of ZDC-Guoliang is pyraclostrobin, which is a strobilurins fungicide that can inhibit mitochondrial respiration and eventually cause cell death. It is protective, curative and leaf osmotic, being used for controlling a variety of fungal diseases in crops. As well as its direct effect against pathogenic bacteria, pyraclostrobin can induce physiological effects in many crops, especially cereals, to improve nitrogen absorption, promote rapid growth and increase yield. 

Moreover, the 5-ALA (5-aminolevulinic acid) purposely added to ZDC-Guoliang is a prefix compound of nafoxidine, which is an indispensable substance for the synthesis of organismal chlorophyll, heme and vitamin B12 in living organism. For plants, 5-ALA can regulate the synthesis of chlorophyll, improve the stability of chlorophyll and photosystem II, improve photosynthetic efficiency, promote photosynthesis and plant tissue differentiation, reduce plant respiration in the dark and expand stomatal conductance. Therefore, 5-ALA can be used as a plant growth regulator in farming as it has unique physiological effects, such as increasing crop light absorption and efficiency and promoting fruit color changes. 

The Effect of ZDC-Guoliang against Mango Anthracnose


After the foliar spraying of ZDC-Guoliang at 1,500-fold, the following have been observed:

-Day 1 after application: Disease spots on leaves show no obvious change, the mildew layer on the disease spot clearly fades away, and the area of clear water to mildew layer contrast becomes slightly smaller.

-Days 3-7 after application: Disease spots on leaves show no increase, there is no emergence of new disease spots, disease spots become dry and brittle, the mildew layer clearly fades away, and the area of clear water to mildew layer contrast does not go away. 

Fungal and bacterial diseases, such as melon and chili anthracnose and gummy stem blight, can be controlled by a one-time spray of the product diluted at 750 - 1000 fold, which can also keep leaves green and increase the photosynthetic rate. An even spraying of the product diluted at 1,500 - 2,000 fold on large fruit trees, such as mango, citrus, apple, peach, pear and other large fruit trees, can prevent and control anthracnose, promote fruit color changes, make leaves green and increase the photosynthetic rate. Furthermore, the product can be used for drip irrigation, flushing and root irrigation to prevent and control gummy stem blight, bacterial wilt, root rot, damping off and stem rot on melon, nightshade and tuber at a minimum dosage of 1500 grams per hectare. 

However, for leafy vegetables, jujube trees, crop flowering, seedling and young fruits, the product should be used with caution to prevent adverse effects. 

Qingdao Zhongda Agritech Co., Ltd. (ZDC)

As an agricultural inputs manufacturer involved in production, R&D and marketing, ZDC has been dedicated to the protection of fruit trees, economic crops and field crops for the past 24 years. The company has a strong R&D capacity and high-standard quality control system, having established the highly reputed brand, ZDC, which is known for innovation and quality. Guided by the concept of ″to promote highly efficient agriculture and food safety around the world,″ ZDC is committed to the ongoing development of highly efficient and environment-friendly novel pesticide formulations and complete crop nutrition solutions.

Any inquiry please contact us at info@zdcagri.com

You can also learn more about us: www.zdcagri.com

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