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Dec. 1, 2023

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Dec. 1, 2023

On November 14, UPL China held its 2023 Rice Herbicide Symposium in Hefei, Anhui Province. During the symposium, UPL launched a number of herbicide products. 

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Daolejing (propanil.butachlor.clomazone 46% EC) is a ternary rice stem and leaf herbicide developed by UPL, based on the company’s global experience in resistant weed control in paddy fields, using a patented crystal form process, being highly active and safe for crops. It is extremely effective against common gramineae weeds and some annual broad-leaved weeds in paddy fields, without having cross-resistance to commonly used herbicides. 

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Daokuanxin (butachlor.bensulfuron methyl.clomazone 60% OD) is a ternary sealant herbicide for paddy fields developed by UPL, which is effective in controlling annual gramineae weeds, broad-leaved weeds and sedges that often occur in paddy fields. The product has a broad herbicidal spectrum, long-lasting effect and high safety, which can be applied in a flexible manner under various scenarios. 

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UPL has also released other outstanding herbicide products, such as Dakuan (MCPA-isooctyl.fluroxypyr  40% EC), Daokuanjing (MCPA-isooctyl.bentazone 460g/L SL), Xinwanhe (metamifop.cyhalofop-butyl 40% EC) and Daonongxi (propanil.cyhalofop-butyl 40% EC).

UPL China’s strategy to better serve agriculture

UPL is one of the world’s top five multinational agrochemical giants, with operations in more than 130 countries and regions. Its 49 international factories and more than 13,000 product registrations cover seeds, crop protection, bioactivators, innovative nutrition, postharvest preservation, and soil and water treatment, as well as aquaculture.

In China, UPL aims to build partnerships, create superior systems and win social value while being committed to fulfilling the needs of partners and users via the most valuable technical services, to provide new impetus for sustainable growth to farming.

In the coming years, UPL is preparing to launch UPH001+ butachlor, an innovative herbicide combination for soil treatment on paddy fields; an innovative herbicide combination of pyroxasulfone + diflufenican for the pre-emergence soil treatment of wheat fields; other innovative combinations, such as the paddy field herbicide, propanil+, s-metolachlor microcapsule suspension+, and the wheat field treatment, napropamide+. 

It also plans to launch a novel insecticide for controlling rice planthoppers and borers, as well as biofungicide products. In the future, UPL will develop more targeted products that will help solve the issues facing Chinese growers, to contribute to the food security initiative. 

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