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Ever.Ag adopts Varda’s Global FieldID™ to improve traceability in agriculture retailqrcode

Nov. 20, 2023

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Nov. 20, 2023

Varda AG
Switzerland  Switzerland

United States  United States

Varda, the agtech startup founded by Yara, announced its partnership with Ever.Ag, the innovative agtech service provider that empowers agriculture, food, and beverage supply chains. Through the collaboration, Ever.Ag’s farm management information system, FieldAlytics will incorporate Varda’s Global FieldID™ (GFID) into its core field management capabilities. This will provide seamless traceability for retailers and others in the food chain that want to track the entire produce journey, from planting to processing. Set to launch in December 2023, this partnership aims to integrate Global FieldID™ across FieldAlytics' extensive network of over 3 million field boundaries, with the support of its customer base.

FieldAlytics offers a holistic digital platform that simplifies and centralizes agronomy, field logistics, and farm planning, enhancing on-farm operations. Leveraging Varda’s Global FieldID™, Ever.Ag streamlines large-scale supply chain reporting, reducing risks for service providers and boosting consumer trust in food production processes.

Davide Ceper, CEO at Varda commented: "Our vision is to create and maintain a universal and shared map of agricultural fields that acts as an ″address system″ for all industry stakeholders. As field-level data generation grows with technology adoption, sharing information through the supply chain while protecting privacy needs to become more convenient. Large-scale collaboration made possible by a GFID will make food production more resilient, productive, transparent, and sustainable.

"GFID is the ideal tool to achieve this goal, and we are proud that Ever.Ag, a leader in ag-data management, has decided to embrace our tool, the more it is adopted by others, the more useful it will be for everyone."

Ben Sloan, VP of Product and Strategy for Digital Agronomy at Ever.Ag commented: "More than ever, consumers care about where their food comes from, whether it is health concerns, a desire for transparency or environmental consideration. GFID is the best solution that I have seen to provide traceability of field boundaries. FieldAlytics is proud to once again be a pioneer in delivering solutions that matter to growers. We look forward to the rest of the industry joining us in the adoption GFID."

Source: Varda


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