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Cultivating Change: How Digital Transformation is Revolutionizing Agricultureqrcode

Sep. 6, 2023

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Sep. 6, 2023

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QQ图片20230906151203.pngWith challenges like extreme weather patterns and food supply in focus, digitizing data collection and analysis through digital platforms proves crucial. Here, Ron Baruchi, President & CEO of Agmatix highlights the critical role of digital transformation in the agriculture industry and describes how improving the efficiency and accuracy of field trials enables farmers and companies to make informed decisions and optimize crop nutrients and agricultural practices. By embracing data-driven solutions, Baruchi illustrates how the agriculture sector can foster sustainability, boost productivity, and tackle modern challenges effectively, paving the way to a promising and prosperous future.

A momentous revolution is sweeping through the world of agriculture, reshaping the very essence of how farmers navigate and solve new challenges. Rooted in tradition and has served as society's backbone for generations, this age-old industry now finds itself at a critical moment, calling for innovative solutions to tackle pressing global issues like climate change, population growth, and erratic weather patterns.

Amidst this paradigm shift, data emerges as the pivotal tool for change, empowering informed and sustainable decision-making. Embracing digitalization holds the key to accelerating progress in tackling these challenges, and revolutionizing the way companies innovate.  

Field trials have always been at the forefront of propelling innovation within the agricultural industry. In parallel, the analysis of data gleaned from these field trial outcomes yields invaluable insights into the performance of new innovations. The realm of big data further expedites the creation of bespoke crop nutrient plans, meticulously tailored to each unique field, crop, and variety, thus facilitating informed agronomic choices. This dual-pronged approach finds its embodiment within the Agmatix platform: the Agronomic Trial Management solution, propelling field trials and expediting the journey to market; and the Digital Crop Advisor solution, which orchestrates precision crop nutrition plans at the field level.

Agronomic Trial Management

Agmatix’s extensive Agronomic Trial Management system emerges as the ultimate digital solution for field trials, meticulously crafted to encompass the entire trial lifecycle, including planning, execution, analysis, and regulatory reporting. Notably setting itself apart, Agmatix empowers organizations to seamlessly integrate their historical data with ongoing trials, allowing a comprehensive view of trial outcomes. This approach has garnered worldwide success, exemplified by the recent implementation of Agmatix's Agronomic Trial Management solution by an ag input company in Brazil, aimed at digitalizing its research and development (R&D) processes. This deployment encompassed both field and greenhouse research teams, with the overarching goal of heightening operational efficiencies. The initial phase involved designing comprehensive protocols and workflows to ensure comprehensive data collection. The results were astounding, enabling the team to extract twelve times more parameters, thereby improving the insights gathered. This, in turn, led to a reduction in trial costs and a significant enhancement in R&D cycle times.

The advantages of digitizing field trials extend to any enterprise dealing with agronomic data. For instance, a plant protection company that we collaborated with sought to refine its trial operations through yearly trial planning, data preservation and analysis, knowledge sharing, and workload monitoring. After deploying the Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management solution, the team went completely paperless and dramatically reduced data collection and validation errors. Their time spent on trial reports went from a few weeks to mere hours, increasing their operational efficiency by a staggering 20%.

Beyond time saved, digital transformation with Agmatix provided data visualization which showed a clear indication of trial results and anomalies. Sharing tasks between team members became easily trackable. With a clear data set, this field trial solution effectively optimized the plant protection company’s processes and workflows. This demonstrates that digitalization is not only useful in the collection stages, but, it is also invaluable in the data analysis stage, guaranteeing the comprehensiveness of data, and is set to produce key insights to drive agriculture forward.

The Agmatix Agronomic Trial Management solution is digital transformation at its best. Allowing agriculture professionals and agronomists to monitor outliers, validate data, and analyze trial results, thus accelerating the speed at which they can bring new innovations to market.

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Digital Crop Advisor

An optimal solution for crop nutrition optimization lies in the Agmatix Digital Crop Advisor solution, which puts agronomists in the driver's seat and enables them to create specific crop nutrition plans throughout different phenological stages and assess the plans to understand the optimal plan that maximizes yields and minimizes environmental impacts. This is already proving useful to companies such as ICL, who recently launched the digital Crop Advisor solution in Brazil for initial use on soybean and corn crops, with plans to expand this to coffee and sugarcane.

These use cases provide a compelling example, highlighting the major impact of data-driven decisions on optimization within the agriculture industry. Insights unlocked through this data open a wealth of possibilities that can be used to solve modern challenges that the industry is facing today. For example, if a farmer’s data found that specific seed varieties were less prone to diseases, then they could utilize this data to reduce or even prevent the spread of disease. This would then increase crop outputs, thereby reducing food poverty in a sustainable way.

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Pathway Forward 

Digital transformation plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of the agriculture sector. Agmatix stands at the forefront of this endeavor, revolutionizing agronomic field trials through the digitization of data collection and analysis. This digital shift proves indispensable in advancing ag input research and development, encompassing the creation of novel innovations, comprehension of product efficacy, and safety evaluations. Moreover, Agmatix spearheads the digitization of crop nutrition strategies, tailoring them to the unique agronomic practices and nutritional requirements of distinct crops, factoring in geographical and phenological considerations.

In essence, digital transformation emerges as a powerful instrument in tackling global issues such as climate change and food security. Platforms like Agmatix empowers leading ag input companies to forge sustainable resolutions that effectively confront the most important challenges of agriculture. By expediting trial management and analysis, Agmatix aids research and development entities in accelerating their route to market. Concurrently, Agmatix equips agronomists with e personalized nutrition plans for individual crops, grounded in specific field and geographic variables, ensuring optimal yields. This, in turn, enables farmers to refine their cultivation processes and discover effective remedies. By leveraging data-centric insights and cutting-edge technologies, agriculture stands on the brink of a more robust and prosperous future.

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This article was initially published in AgroPages' '2023 Latin America Focus' magazine.

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