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Copper formulations' market still underestimated: Chinese self-developed Thiazoles is tapping potential of global marketqrcode

Dec. 26, 2022

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Dec. 26, 2022

Editor's note:

Me-better pesticides are rapidly being developed in China and are already in use in the field. AgroPages interviewed Mr. Steven Li, the general manager at CHICO, which is a company that focuses on and develops unique and interesting products to meet the demand for green solutions in agriculture. Let's read the story of why Thiodiazole Copper  has been selected and commercialized by CHICO.


Steven Li

General manager at CHICO Crop Science

1. Could you give a brief introduction about the development trend of copper formulations

Copper formulations are a series of fungicides containing copper in organic or inorganic forms, referred to as organic copper fungicide and inorganic copper fungicide, respectively. While they have a record of more than two hundred years of application, copper in inorganic form has always dominated international mainstream copper formulations, which includes copper hydroxide, copper oxychloride, basic copper sulfate, copper-calcium sulphate, cuprous oxide and Bordeaux mixture. Inorganic copper fungicides entirely rely on copper ions to kill pathogens. Because of the high copper content, it is easy to cause damage when inorganic copper fungicides are used during the flowering and young fruit stages while inorganic copper ions cannot be directly absorbed and applied by plants. Therefore, inorganic copper fungicides are generally used only for disease prevention. Once they are inappropriately used on fruit trees, the negligence may lead to the proliferation and rampant occurrence of mites, such as red spiders, white spiders, Phyllocoptes oleivora and scale insects. In addition, most inorganic copper formulations cannot be mixed with acidic pesticides due to they are strongly alkaline.

In contrast, most organic copper formulations are neutral and have following major advantages over inorganic copper formulations: 

  • Advanced mode of action, provide both preventive and therapeutic effects against crops diseases

  • Convenient to apply with other agro products by better affinity and mixability.

  • Lower ″copper content″ for less environmental pollution

  • Less impact on mites, safer for crops application especially during the flowering and young fruit stages

  • Organic chelated copper ions can be directly absorbed by plants

  • Cleaning leaves to facilitate photosynthesis. Beautifying fruit surface for better fruit price

Therefore, organic copper fungicides are gradually gaining commercial attention and getting popular among the growers which have already showed a rapid development trend in recent years. According to the China Pesticide Information Network, Thiodiazole Copper stands out among all registered organic copper fungicides. Thiodiazole Copper is a national invention patent product with independent intellectual property rights, manufactured exclusively in China. It has been registered for controlling 17 diseases on 14 crops, making it become the fungicide with the most crop registrations developed exclusively in China. According to the China Pesticide Information Network, Thiodiazole Copper can be efficiently and safely applied to copper sensitive crops like orchids and peach trees.


2. Could you please talk about the application of Thiodiazole Copper in the Chinese market and the opportunities you anticipate in the global market

Thiodiazole Copper meets various technical safety standards for pollution-free pesticides in terms of toxicology, environmental impact, residue and safety. It has been used in China for more than 20 years and is listed by several provinces as a recommended variety for green control. Due to its excellent efficacy and high level of safety, it has been awarded the title, ″Quality Citrus Excellent Fungicide,″ at the 27th Series Crop Solution Conference in 2020 by Professor Xu Liming, an authoritative Chinese expert, and all members of the Chinese Society of Citriculture. Thiodiazole Copper achieves outstanding effects in terms of the prevention and control of citrus canker as a result of its unique mode of action, offering the following competitive advantages:

  • It will not lead to citrus flower drop at the flowering stage or young fruit drop at fruiting stage

  • No effect for natural enemy of mites, it does not induce mites propagation

  • Better compatibility, it does not cause chemical reactions with other pesticides in normal when tank mixed

  • With good systemic function, it has therapeutic effect on citrus canker which missed the timing of treatment.

Applying Thiodiazole Copper after sprouting can significantly reduce the occurrence of canker in citrus orchards. Thiodiazole Copper has been used on 200,000 hectares of high-quality citrus, which helps the farmers achieve good harvest and higher economic benefits.image.pngAccording to application demonstrations, thiodiazole copper can effectively prevent the propagation and spread of canker, and in serious cases, it can prevent canker spots on fruits, therefore, ensuring the commercial potential of fruits. Thiodiazole copper can be easily mixed with other fungicides and insecticides, so it can reduce labor costs and save investments for fruit farmers.

In recent years, there has been increasing demand for fungicides from the global agricultural market. As one of the top six products in the fungicide market, the market size for copper fungicides is still underestimated. Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd., is the exclusive sales agent of thiodiazole copper in overseas markets.

3. Please introduce the company and its products, business and core competencies

Chico Crop Science is a Chinese national hi-tech accredited enterprise. We specialize in providing comprehensive nutrition fertilizers, seed treatments and pesticides for the systematic prevention and control of pests, diseases and weeds that affect various crops.

Since the company’s establishment in 2013, CHICO® has focused on providing farmers with remarkable products, technical support and professional planting solutions, in line with local agriculture development. Specializing in fighting bacteria diseases, our exclusive organic copper fungicide, CALIBUR®, has been tested and marketed successfully in some countries in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, and the feedback from local growers and distributors has been fantastic, to serve more growers worldwide. Chico is looking for global partners to work with for a better and green solution to plant protection.

4. What are your product features and strategic positioning?

Over the years, Chico has developed a series of unique and interesting products to meet the demand for green solutions in agriculture. In recent years, in response to the national requirements for the zero growth of chemical pesticide and fertilizer use, as well as to improve quality and efficiency and the rapid development of biotechnology and products worldwide, Chico has focused more on cooperation and the development of organic biotechnology and products, and has launched a series of unique biological products to overseas markets, such as multifunctional anti-mite bio-fertilizer COOSA®, fungal disease-specific bio-fertilizer CURER ®, and nematode-resistant bio-fertilizer BIO-CUT®, to meet the market demand for safe, efficient and green biological products.

Chico will continue to provide green, high-quality and high-yield differentiated products and planting solutions to growers around the world, and bring the joy of harvest to them.


Email: info@chicocrop.com

Wechat: +86 19928797231

Tel.: +86-755-8238 6660 

Website: www.chicocrop.com

Chico Crop Science Co., Ltd



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