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Chia Tai launches "FarmInno (Thailand)" brand to offer agricultural solutions aimed at smart agricultureqrcode

Aug. 2, 2022

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Aug. 2, 2022

Chia Tai launches

Chia Tai Company Limited, Thailand’s leading innovative agricultural company, launches a new business for agricultural solutions under "FarmInno (Thailand)" brand, paving its way towards becoming a leading agricultural solution provider, while also partnering with major agricultural technology companies to present a wide variety of innovations, including drones for smart farming, smart greenhouses, and agricultural community platform. In addition, the effort includes the development of an all-in-one knowledge and agricultural community platform, with gurus recommending cultivation information, products, and agricultural services.

Mr. Manas Chiaravanond, Chief Executive Officer, Chia Tai Company Limited, said, ″Another important step for Chia Tai in this new century is to become a leading agricultural solution provider, developing a comprehensive Agri Eco-System from upstream, midstream, to downstream, while also trying to explore and advance state-of-the-art technology and agricultural solutions in order to bring innovations to solve agricultural complications and issues, as well as to promote and develop farmers' skills and capabilities in all cultivation processes. This new business brand called ″FarmInno (Thailand)″ will be a valuable asset for Thai farmers in bolstering efficiency, saving labor, and making farming smarter and more convenient than before. At Chia Tai, we aspire to contribute to the transformation of Thailand's agricultural industry, to add to farmers' ability to grow more efficiently, and more notably, to instill a great sense of pride in the farmer's profession while also advocating for safe, high-quality produce and improving the quality of life for both farmers and consumers in accordance with our strong commitment to sustainability.″

Dr. Wallapat Kaewumpai, Chief Strategy Officer, Chia Tai Company Limited, further added, ″With more than a century of expertise in the agricultural industry, Chia Tai has accumulated an extensive and diverse body of agricultural knowledge, which has led to our ambitious goal to establish a new s-curve business like ″FarmInno (Thailand)″. Certainly, this endeavor will reiterate our position as the major player in agricultural innovation that provides a comprehensive range of products and services to seamlessly address our customers’ needs. Our mission is to help farmers minimize constraints and boost productivity so that they can consistently produce high-quality crops, despite difficulties brought on by various external factors, such as unpleasant weather or plant diseases. The brand positioning of ″FarmInno (Thailand)″ is represented by the "Bee" symbol, as this animal is an essential agricultural aid. Generally, bees pollinate plants to expand plant species and thus create a complete natural ecosystem. Without bees, various plants would be adversely affected, and human food security would eventually be compromised. Therefore, ″FarmInno (Thailand)″ has chosen to use the bee symbol to imply that we will be actively providing our fellow Thai farmers with agricultural solutions in attempt to optimize Thai agriculture's capacity to compete, create added value for agricultural produce, as well as securing sustainable food security on a sustainable basis.

As the worker bee that successfully fulfils smart agriculture, FarmInno (Thailand) is one of Chia Tai’s new businesses that adopt appropriate agricultural technology to utilize in accordance with the company’s purpose and vision of enhancing people’s quality of life on a sustainable basis by fostering agricultural innovations through quality products and services. FarmInno (Thailand)’s products and services are as follows:

  1. High-performance agricultural drones from DJI and XAG, both of which are at the forefront of agricultural technology industry. FarmInno has chosen the most suitable models of drone for use in Thailand which come with a high-performance engine that enhances spraying and sowing efficiency. In order to address all farmers’ needs, there are both automatic and semi-automatic systems that can be controlled and adjusted to suit the actual work site.

  2. Cultivation equipment and technology, including smart greenhouses, equipment for greenhouses, iOT (Internet of Thing) systems, and various systems within the greenhouse, such as air conditioning system, irrigation system, fertilizer control system, and so on. All these innovations make cultivation more efficient, particularly for cash crops, such as greenhouses for growing medical cannabis plants and for melon production, etc.

  3. Fertilizer sowing and agricultural liquid spraying services. This is another option for farmers who require precision and expertise from a professional team in each step of fertilizing and controlling liquids based on the lifecycle of each particular plant. This is to produce high quality and standard products that truly meet market demands.

  4. All-in-one agricultural community platform that will completely meet the needs of farmers by providing useful knowledge on cultivation, having resourceful gurus recommending cultivation information and solutions, including farm gurus, trained engineers and technicians, as well as aftersales teams who will readily offer advice, assistance, as well as close follow-up and monitoring.

Source: Chia Tai


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