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NURSEED®HC, a natural and innovative biostimulant applied to forage seedsqrcode

Jul. 25, 2022

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Jul. 25, 2022

Belgium  Belgium

NURSEED<sup>®</sup>HC, a natural and innovative biostimulant applied to forage seeds

CERIENCE has strengthened its position in biosolutions applied to seeds by signing an exclusive distribution agreement in Europe for the biostimulant NURSEED®HC on forage grass and legume seeds with the Belgian biotech company FYTEKO.
The revolutionary NURSEED®HC technology from FYTEKO will be progressively developed on the whole portfolio of forage seeds of Cérience, starting next season with a few grasses and in the future on alfalfa and legumes. At the same time, the NURSEED®HC solution will also be marketed by Cérience to seed companies in the forage market.  

"Fyteko and Cérience know that reliance on agrochemicals is not a solution to tomorrow's challenges. We have found with Cérience a pioneering partner in biosolutions that fully aligns with our vision and values, our common commitment is to make agriculture more sustainable and less damaging to the environment," says Guillaume Wegria, CEO and co-founder of Fyteko. "In addition, this agreement also demonstrates the industry's growing confidence in new bio-derived crop protection products."

The previously unknown role of hydroxycinnamic oligomers was identified by Fyteko's co-founders in 2014. Further development and commercialization of their discovery has resulted in NURSEED®, a biological seed treatment that assists seedling emergence under stress and can ultimately provide significant yield benefits.

During periods of abiotic stress, the cell wall is one of the first plant organs to be affected. NURSEED® is based on a hydroxycinnamic oligomer, a biomolecule found in plant cell walls. Acting as a "signal" molecule, it boosts the plant's natural defense mechanism to prepare it for stressful events, such as drought or extreme temperatures.

External environmental factors - abiotic stresses - are expected to become one of the greatest challenges for agriculture as climate change intensifies, posing a significant threat to global agricultural productivity.

Cérience has historically been a pioneer and strong player in alternative (bio)solutions for crop protection and nutrition. In this same approach, solutions applied to seeds constitute a major axis of research and development of the company. ″With NURSEED®HC, we have found a competitive, ecological and sustainable bioproduct that can improve the establishment and yield of grasslands in a context of climate change... This is another concrete action in favor of securing forage production, which is essential for the sustainability and performance of livestock.″ Concludes Luc Saint-Bonnet, CEO of Cérience.

About Fyteko
Fyteko believes in a more sustainable agriculture. Inspired by original research, they are making it a reality. Founded in 2014, the Brussels-based agtech company focuses on creating a bio-based input economy for agriculture. Its advanced crop biostimulants emulate solutions that already exist in nature. The company believes this offers the best approach to the common problems and threats facing global agricultural production, while consciously aligning with the growing consensus that agriculture is transitioning to a sustainable, low-input model that delivers productivity without compromising environmental performance. As its development pipeline accelerates, Fyteko aims to build an exceptional, biobased portfolio relevant to the world's major crop-producing regions: Europe, the United States, Latin America, Ukraine and Africa.

About Cérience

Cérience, a subsidiary of the Terrena cooperative, is a company specialized in the research, development and international marketing of seeds and bio-solutions for positive impact agriculture. The company is also a leader in the production of corn, vegetable, forage, cereal and protein seeds. With 330 employees and a turnover of 110 M€, 7% of which is reinvested in R&D, Cérience is convinced that only a new agronomic approach will enable agriculture to develop sustainably.

Source: Fyteko


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