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Top 10 biologicals reports in first half of 2022qrcode

Jul. 4, 2022

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Jul. 4, 2022

Below are the most-viewed reports regarding biopesticides, biostimulants, as well as related companies and markets that were published on AgroPages in first half of 2022.

Evonik: How to prepare a liquid microbe formulation with extended shelf life and excellent biological efficacy?

Evonik has developed a biocompatible carrier fluid and biocompatible additives to improve microbe-based agrosolutions. BREAK-THRU® BP 787 is a water-free carrier fluid with the ability to coordinate water and to lower the water activity if mixed with microorganisms. It secures optimal conditions for living microbial actives like Trichoderma spp., Bacillus spp., Clonostachys rosea, and Beauveria bassiana and thereby enhances their shelf life, even without cooling. Due to the stability of the microbes in the carrier fluid hybrid solutions – the combination of microbial and chemical actives - in one formulation are possible. More>>

Croda: Taking microbes from production to effective delivery

Croda is the supplier of specialist ingredients; expertise within molecule design, manufacture and application allows Croda to offer a toolbox of materials designed with biologicals in mind, enabling the formulator to open doors in the design of new and innovative solutions. Cross functional collaboration across biology and chemistry teams have enabled the design of fully formulated delivery systems which formulators can apply to their needs and develop further. Croda are willing to support and collaborate to push the boundaries of microbial solutions to market. More>>

IMCD: Sustainable Solutions Without Compromise

IMCD proactively embraces trends of sustainability, partnering with leading industry suppliers that offer unique and innovative portfolios of formulation ingredients. This includes bio-based rheology modifiers; greener solvents; biodegradable surfactants; adjuvants for ‘smart’ pesticide delivery; naturally derived polymers; microplastic-free seed coating polymers; and greener preservatives. More>>

Ingevity: Optimal inerts for the growing biologicals market

Ingevity’s plant-derived co-formulants help enhance the sustainability and performance of formulations and are designed to protect growers and the environment. Ingevity co-formulants are extremely safe to use with no EPA usage limits and are fully REACH and TSCA registered. The enhanced performance of these products also results in lower application rates and longer retreatment intervals, minimizing grower exposure. Ingevity’s co-formulants are all derived from a renewable resource —pine trees. Their main raw materials, lignin and tall oil, are co-products from the kraft paper pulping process which utilizes sustainable forests to make highly recyclable paper products. These products are produced in an environmentally responsibly operated plant that has a solar array and exceeds the highest standards for recycling and emission control. More>>

Summit-Agro Ukraine introduces to the Ukrainian market the unique plant bioactivator produced by Fyteko for thermal and water stress control

Ukrainian farmers growing maize, wheat, sunflower, peas, or soybeans will be among the first in the world to start using a novel plant bioactivator NURSPRAY from March 2022.

NURSPRAY contains hydrocinnamic oligomers, a group of naturally occurring biomolecules found within plant cell walls. From a new class of biostimulants known as ″signal molecules″, when applied to crops NURSPRAY ″trains″ the plant’s natural defense mechanism to prepare for stress events such as heat, or low water availability. More>>

Europe approves Symborg’s ″Beauveria bassiana 203″ fungus as a bioinsecticide against pests

The European Commission has included Symborg’s Beauveria bassiana 203 fungus in the list of active substances approved for use in the formulation of plant protection products, as set out in the Annex to Implementing Regulation (EU) No. 540/2011. This approval means that Beauveria bassiana 203 is now one of the ″ingredients″ authorized by the European Commission for inclusion in new agricultural products. This approval is a true milestone since AEPLA (Spanish Crop Protection Association) data reports that only one out of every 140,000 active substances manages to go from the laboratory to the field in a process that lasts about 11 years. More>>

Tradecorp launches new corporate campaign ″The answers lie in our hands″ to propel innovative solutions in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition

Tradecorp, a global company specialized in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition, launched its new corporate campaign, The answers lie in our hands. An initiative aimed to face global challenges, to transform food production through a sustainable improvement of agriculture by collaborating to eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition worldwide. Product innovation, collaboration and digitalization are central to Tradecorp’s strategy to enable a balanced and sustainable agriculture. More>>

ACECHEM: Develop proprietary exopolysaccharins products to improve organic farming solutions

Starting with the needs and desires of farmers and growers and focusing on agricultural resistance management and organic farming, ACECHEM has always exerted unremitting efforts to continuously develop and promote new products, new applications and new technologies to enhance crop protection solutions, improve farming experience and benefit of end-users. As one of the key areas for the future development of the agrochemical industry, the research, development, application and promotion of organic farming inputs have always been prioritized by ACECHEM, which, in recent years, has actively conducted extensive collaborative studies with famous universities and scientific research institutions, and developed a series of organic farming input products based on functional microorganisms and their metabolites. Such products have been widely and effectively used on a variety of agricultural crops in countries along the Belt and Road Initiative and related developing countries. More>>

ANATIS BIOPROTECTION – Beauveria Bassiana against the pests in your crops

Anatis Bioprotection is a well-established Canadian company that produces, sells, and distributes beneficial insects, predatory mites, entomopathogenic nematodes and biopesticides for over 15 years. Over the years, Anatis has increased the number of insect and mite produced at our facility. We are proud to say we rear 10 species on our own. Our Trichogramma are the best known of them all. These tiny wasps are used in sweet corn, garlic, leak, onion, peppers and more, to control several species of pest moths. We are more than our products; we also provide expert service to our clients. More>>

Futureco Bioscience expands NOFLY WP distribution in Belgium and the Netherlands with Nufarm

Futureco Bioscience, international manufacturer of sustainable bio-protection and plant bio-stimulants, expands the collaboration for its signature product, NOFLY WP, with the Australian crop protection and specialty seed company Nufarm. Nufarm has been distributing biological crop protection products on the European market for over 20 years. The partnership started last year (for the Spanish market) and has been expanded this year to include the Belgian and Dutch markets. Futureco Bioscience's NOFLY WP will be distributed as part of Nufarm´s NuBio umbrella brand to farmers in Belgium and the Netherlands. NOFLY WP is the latest addition to the NuBio portfolio, which already covers a wide range of biological crop protection products. More>>

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