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Tradecorp launches new corporate campaign “The answers lie in our hands” to propel innovative solutions in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutritionqrcode

May. 31, 2022

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May. 31, 2022
  • The answers lie in our hands, the slogan of Tradecorp’s new campaign, speaks to the company’s mission to lead in the intensification of sustainable agriculture

  • A new campaign in line with the company’s sustainable roadmap that has already seen the company reduce emissions of CO2 by 240,399 kg in a year

Tradecorp, a global company specialized in biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition, launched its new corporate campaign, The answers lie in our hands. An initiative aimed to face global challenges, to transform food production through a sustainable improvement of agriculture by collaborating to eradicate hunger, achieve food security and improve nutrition worldwide. Product innovation, collaboration and digitalization are central to Tradecorp’s strategy to enable a balanced and sustainable agriculture.

At Tradecorp, we are determined to be part of the solution for the world’s present and future challenges. Equitably feeding the growing population, protecting the people’s health and preserving the environment is a shared priority that must be addressed collectively and must create value for all stakeholders”, explains José Alfredo García, Chief Operating Officer, Bionutrition at Rovensa.

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Today’s world is facing a rapidly changing climate, which is resulting in a gradual increase in the average temperature on Earth. This drastically affects natural systems, causing a loss of biodiversity and a degradation of ecosystems. In addition to this, United Nations data shows that we are facing a paradox of an aging global population while at the same time reporting the highest volume of younger people in history. This sociological change has a direct impact on how goods are produced and on the current business landscape. Agriculture also faces its own challenges as an industry. Not only does it consume 70% of the world’s water (Foundation Aquae), but the growing global population will rely on it for sustenance. According to the UN, by 2050 an anticipated 9 billion people will be living on Earth, increasing to 11 billion by the end of the century.

Tradecorp has decided to tackle this issue head on and take its innovation strategy one step further by launching this campaign. The answers lie in our hands, is set to redefine the business model of the industry and promote sustainable agricultural production. The company’s mission to equitably feed a growing population, protect people’s health and preserve the environment, while becoming the best partner for leading growers and creating value for all stakeholders is the foundation on which this campaign was built.

To achieve this ambitious objective, Tradecorp has developed a high-quality and efficient portfolio of biostimulants and biofertilizers that enable plant growth and care, from improving the crop’s ability to use nutrients, to improving tolerance to abiotic stress. The goal is to reduce the use of pesticides, minimize nutritional losses and antimicrobials, and promote organic farming practices. In short, offering sustainable and efficient solutions for biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the European Commission’s “Farm to Fork” strategy, so that agriculture can withstand the world’s present and future challenges.

We chose the slogan ‘The answers lie in our hands’ because at Tradecorp we believe that it is up to us to take an active role in solving the challenges that we are confronted as a global population, but also as an industry. To do this, we aim to promote a more efficient and sustainable business model,” says José Alfredo García, Chief Operating Officer, Bionutrition at Rovensa. “The industry, farmers, suppliers and all stakeholders in the agricultural sector need to work together to realize this transition towards a more sustainable agriculture and take care of the planet where we live.

Tradecorp’s Sustainability Promise

As a company with sustainability at its core, Tradecorp promotes internal actions aimed at reducing its impact on the environment, including reducing its use of water and energy, emissions, and waste across its plants.

Aligned with Rovensa Group’s commitment to contribute to a net zero future, Tradecorp significantly reduced the use of polyethylene, cutting its global emissions of CO2 by 240,399 kg in 2020i.

In terms of waste management, another key component of Tradecorp’s sustainability commitment, the company has taken actions to create more sustainable product packaging by using recycled materials. One of Tradecorp’s plants in Sanchidrián, Spain, invested in a new machine that was able to directly label the product and change its packaging at the same time. With this investment,  the cardboard consumption in 1 kg bags decreased by 64% and in 5 kg bags, 27%, saving approximately 162,000 boxes per yeari.

While Tradecorp has taken initiatives to reduce its environmental impact from a manufacturing perspective, the company also invests in innovation projects that help farmers to increase food production quality, boost yields and reduce economic losses caused by different types of abiotic stresses. In an ongoing project supported by The EU Eurostars program, Tradecorp partnered with Landlab, a research center specialized in nutrition, biostimulation and plant protection, to create Biotool, a tool that maximizes water efficiency in plants treated with biostimulants by enabling the real-time measurement, calculation and evaluation of plant water management.

With this campaign, Tradecorp affirms its commitment to the environment and challenges the agricultural industry to join in the development of sustainable agriculture for the future.

i. Link to Rovensa Sustainability Report 2021

About Tradecorp

Tradecorp, a Rovensa company, is a global benchmark in the biostimulation and sustainable crop nutrition sector developing and manufacturing premier and innovative solutions that are marketed in over 60 countries worldwide. Tradecorp provides a comprehensive premium portfolio of products globally adapted to local agronomic conditions and includes solutions such as biostimulants, chelates and microbial based solutions.

Recent strategic acquisitions such as Microquimica, in Brazil, and SDP, in France and Rodel in Ecuador, have led to unprecedented growth in the company and further expansion of Tradecorp’s differentiated portfolio, by incorporating microbiological solutions, such as inoculants and bacterial extracts, as well as cutting-edge adjuvants.
For more information visit: https://tradecorp.com.es/en/  

About Rovensa Group

Rovensa is a global leader in bionutrition, biocontrol and crop protection solutions for sustainable agriculture, helping farmers to produce safe, healthy and nutritious food for all. Supporting our mission of contributing to feed the planet, our more than 2,000 employees across over 30 countries, strive every day to lead the change in food production systems through science-led innovation in agriculture, aiming to preserve and enhance soil, environmental, and human health.

With sales in over 80 countries worldwide, Rovensa offers a complementary portfolio of environmentally friendly and innovative solutions for plant health & care. From our more than 30 R&D Experimental Centers and Laboratories across the world and with over 800 field support professionals, we are working closely with farmers to help them producing more with fewer natural resources.

For more information, go to www.rovensa.com.

Source: Tradecorp


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