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Nov. 8, 2007

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Nov. 8, 2007
The Canadian Pest Management Regulatory Agency (PMRA) approved 11 new pesticide active ingredients in the six months to September 30th. They included five for reduced-risk biopesticides, two for non-reduced risk conventional agrochemicals and two for biocides.
     Canadian new ai approvals April-Sept 2007(1)
Company        ai/product          Use
Arysta         acequinocyl(2)      acaricide for
 LifeScience    (Shuttle,           ornamentals,
                  Kanemite)         nursery crops,
                                    apples & pears
AgraQuest      Bacillus subtilis   biofungicide for
                QST 7133            range of crops
Bayer          pyrasulfotole(4)    cereal herbicide
 CropScience   thiacloprid         insecticide for
                (Calypso)           pome fruit
Hercon         spruce budworm      pheromone for
 Environmental  pheromone           mating disruption
                (Hercon Disrupt     for forestry
                  Micro-Flake SBW)
Premier        Bacillus subtilis   biofungicide for
 Horticulture   MBI1600(3)          ornamentals &
Rode-Trol      cellulose(3)        rodenticide
4260864 Canada Sclerotinia minor   mycoherbicide for
                IMI3144141(3)            turf
(1) excludes biocides; (2) reduced risk;
(3) reduced-risk biopesticide;
(4) joint review.  Source: PMRA.
The PMRA registered 433 uses for new and existing ais in the first half of fiscal 2008, of which 245 were for food use and 188 for non-food use. The total included 382 minor-crop uses and six for major crops. There were 386 agricultural uses and 47 non-agricultural uses.
fiscal 2007
The PMRA registered ten new ais in fiscal 2007, including five biopesticides. The Agency processed 69 category A submissions during the year, of which 40 were registered. This group includes new ais and their end-use products as well as major new uses, applications to establish maximum residue limits for new ais, and user-requested minor-use registrations. A total of 6,907 submissions were processed in all categories, including new uses and product amendments. There were 6,444 registrations granted for category B-E submissions.
Source: AgroNews


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