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Roquette: Discover plant-based solutions as growth factors for fermentation and co-formulants for actives formulationqrcode

Jan. 27, 2022

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Jan. 27, 2022

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Roquette: Discover plant-based solutions as growth factors for fermentation and co-formulants for actives formulation

The continually evolving plant care market is driven by the development of new solutions and technologies, that deliver results, while managing environmental concerns. These new solutions can come from natural and biological origins and may require co-formulants. 

Roquette offers a range of ingredients that address challenges such as improved biodegradability of the final product, protecting active ingredients against environmental factors (UV, T°, etc.), enhancing product dissolution/dispersion, and controlling release of the active components.

Co-formulants are inert materials utilized in plant protection product formulations that improve product efficacy, handling, application, storage, and product/user safety.

Disintegrants are used to ensure the rapid breakdown of dry products to facilitate the dissolution or release of the active ingredients.

Roquette's solutions: SOLUTAB® croscarmellose sodium, MICROCEL® microcrystalline cellulose, GLYCOLYS® sodium starch glycolate

Encapsulation agents are used to protect active ingredients, against external agents, in a specific formulation (tablets, pellets, etc.).

Roquette's solutions:  GLUCIDEX® maltodextrin , KLEPTOSE® beta-cyclodextrin

Coating for seeds are used to protect seed against external agents.

Roquette's solutions: ROQUETTE® PC COAT


Polyols, such as  NEOSORB® sorbitol and mannitol, are unreactive and highly compatible with other bioactive compounds. They are proven formulation aids to stabilize and prolong life by limiting fluctuation of the water content.


ALBUREX™ is a modified potato protein allowing the creation of emulsions for stabilization of compounds like vitamins or enzymes.  

CLEARGUM® are amphiphilic polymers used to stabilize emulsions and to enhance the encapsulation protective power.


TACKIDEX™ are modified pregelatinized starches with gluing properties and a very good stability. They also can be used for their film-forming properties.

PREGEFLO® are cold water-soluble pregelatinized starches that exhibit interesting properties in terms of agglomeration and gluing.

MICROCEL®  is a microcrystalline cellulose stable and inert which reduces the risk of reactions with active ingredients.  

Roquette offers several other functionalities as bulking agents and diluents and thickener solutions.

Need more information about co-formulants for plant care? Please visit the website.

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