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Nov. 19, 2021

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Nov. 19, 2021

The weather change and the abuse in the application of fertilizers and agrochemicals have resulted in more and more stress and disease on the crops and plants worldwide. 

The Latin American region is one of the world’s important regions in both, staple food supply and fresh fruit exports. A biostimulant is showing a clear effect to combat stress, increase disease resistance and improve the quality of fruits in this region. 

Leili serving Latin America for over 20 years

Leili, as one of the world’s leading producers of biostimulants, has been serving the Latin American regions for more than 20 years. Their solutions have proved especially effective on avocado, banana, blueberry, mango, pineapple, potato, rice, corn, animal feed pastures, etc. 

image.pngIn each country, Leili has focused on strategy together with local partners and Leili local teams. The company believes it should not only provide high-quality products but also help farms to use the solutions well to solve the key problems. 

Leili Solutions for Soil, Vegetative and Reproduction Growth

One of Leili’s features is that it is rich and special in the portfolio of biostimulants. As a soil and irrigation solution, Leili has AlgaSoil – Highly Effective Organic Algal (Sargassum) Extract Granular, to be mixed with chemical fertilizers, or to be used in soil to stimulate root development. Alga600 is to be used in the drip irrigation system to improve sustainably the stress of the plants and the quality of the fruits and vegetative growth solutions. Leili2000 is neutral in pH and rich in algal extract, amino acids and NPK, and different trace elements. It can be mixed with most of the agrochemicals to help the crops recover quickly from the diseases. 

Algreen is meant to help healthier, much greener and thicker leaves. The reproductive solution, Alg300 – as a purely fresh juice of algal (Sargassum) extract, can promote more effective flowers and fruit sets, and improve the quality of the fruits. Leili Seamino can supply sufficient energy effectively to the plants during the reproductive stage. As a biocontrol solution, Leili SoftGuard and Leili FucoVita can dramatically reduce virus and fungus diseases, and some soilborne diseases naturally and organically. 

Leili 3Alga Solutions in Peru

Leili promoted 3alga Solutions in Peru. These are AlgaSoil as biostimulant granular, Alga600 as drip irrigation, and Alga300 as foliar. The 3Alga Solutions on blueberry produce much bigger and uniform berries and make the fruit pickup periods much shorter and concentrated. They reduce the labor cost and the cost of inputs. 3Alga solutions have been developed into most of the fruits in Peru including avocado, mango, grapes, lemons etc. 



Leili Root Solutions 

Leili is focusing more on the nutrition and health management of roots on crops. The company believes if the crop has a strong and healthy root system, it can grow more healthily and with more balance, to produce sustainably higher yield and quality fruits. Leili root solutions covered both granular lines to be directly used or mixed with chemical granular, and the soluble powder lines to be applied in drip irrigation. Leili root solutions promoted both main and lateral roots and made both a right ratio in growth. Leili root solutions also promote more beneficial bacteria in the root system and reduce more harmful microbes. 



Leili BioControl Solutions

In nations such as Peru, Chile, Ecuador and Costa Rica, etc, which are fruit exporters, the forbidden inputs of phosphorus by the European Union have become a big headache for growers trying to control virus and fungus diseases. Leili has successfully introduced a natural and organic way to replace phosphorus. This solution not only reduced the disease but made shorter PHI of agrochemicals. Leili Biocontrol solutions include SoftGuard, FucoVita, ChitinSoil and BasiluSoil, etc. 

Localized Services, International Quality and System

Together with local partners and staff, Leili is conducting various R&D applications that focus on crops in different regions. The professional local teams help the farms apply Leili solutions in the right way to get high returns of investment at a common RoI of 1:5 or higher. 

After 28 years of developing Leili solutions in more than 80 countries, Leili has built a big database of effective biostimulant solutions on different crops from different regions, with different soil and growing conditions. This experience helps Leili partners and farms quickly benefit from the solutions. 

More Integration with Traditional Inputs

Leili solutions work well with both conventional fertilizers and agrochemicals. For conventional fertilizers, Leili has the solution mixed with soluble NPK to improve the uptake of nutrition by the crop, and the solution-mixing granules to reduce leaching and to stimulate the root uptake of the nutrition. For agrochemicals, Leili has the solution to buffer the shock on crops by herbicide, and the solution to recover quickly from the disease after agrochemicals are applied. Leili is also working closely with some fertilizer producers and agrochemical companies. 

Blue Technology and Value Chain System

Leili is promoting the Blue Technology, Balanced Farming Practice, and the Value Chain system in the world. All Leili R&D is based on Blue Technology, which means most of the materials are from the ocean, the processing technology is more ecological and natural, and based on enzymatic technology. The final products and solutions are more environmentally friendly. More than 13 products of Leili have been attested by EcoCert as an organic input. 

Leili is also introducing “Super100 fruits” into the Leili Value Chain system. For those quality fruits under the Leili Balanced Farming practice, it can help to introduce the fruits in the China market. Leili is also building a platform for a mobile app to connect quality farms and the fruits shops franchise operators in China. 

For future, create more value for partners, farms

COVID-19 brings both challenges and opportunities to the development of Leili business. The increasing material and high logistical costs make the market unstable in the short term. For the long term, Leili should build regional logistic centers to ensure a more efficient supply of the products. Leili will continue to focus on the application of R&D on the world’s important crops and is building a Network of Balanced Farming Practices in different regions by different crops, to make the local farms better understand and apply the biostimulant solutions. 

This article was initially published in AgroPages' '2021 Latin America Focus' magazine.


Source: AgroNews


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