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Nov. 3, 2021

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Nov. 3, 2021

Yantai’s (Yantai City, Shandong Province, China) grape planting area reaches 24,000 Ha, and it is one of the three major grape producing areas in China. The annual output of grapes reaches 140,000 tons and the output value reaches 5.6 billion yuan. It is a major pillar industry that promotes the economic development of Yantai. The requirements for grape quality are strict. Low sugar content is one of the important factors affecting the quality of grapes, and the composition of fertilizers has a greater impact on the quality of grapes. One of prevailing fertilizers at the region is AlgaPure, pure seaweed extract flakes. Because of the good results, those who have used AlgaPure seaweed extracts have basically become repeat customers, and the purchase volume is increasing year by year. Many grape growers say: "AlgaPure is indispensable if you want good harvest grapes."


What’s AlgaPure?

AlgaPure is high concentrated Seaweed Extract Flakes made from brown seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum, using super concentration technology and biological enzymatic hydrolysis technology. It is characterized by high content. Seaweed active substance content is up to 65%, including alginic acid, seaweed polysaccharides, phenolic polymers, mannitol, betaine, plant growth regulators and trace elements such as iron, boron, calcium, magnesium, zinc, manganese, copper, etc.

Application stage: Before the grapes sprout

Function: AlgaPure Concentrated Seaweed Extract can quickly supplement nutrition, promote germination, and promote rooting.

How to use: Drip irrigation of 8KG per hectare 

Application stage: after the grapes germinate and before flowering

Function: using AlgaPure high Concentrated Seaweed Extract can promote the growth of leaves and shoots, rooting and nourishing roots.

How to use: 1.Drip irrigation of 8kg/Ha; 2. Diluted 2000 times for foliar spraying

Application stage: grape flowering and fruit-setting period

Function: using AlgaPure high Concentrated Seaweed Extract can promote the flowering of grapes, preserve flowers and fruits, increase fruit setting rate, and promote rooting system.

How to use: 1. Drip irrigation of 8kg/Ha; 2. diluted 2000 times for foliar spraying


Application period: small grapes fruit growing period

Function: The use of AlgaPure high Concentrated Seaweed Extract can provide necessary nutrients for the growth of swollen grapes fruit, increase yield, enhance tree vigor, reduce physiological diseases caused by tree vigor in the later period, promote rooting, and repair damaged root system.

How to use: Drip irrigation of 8kg/Ha

Application stage: before the grapes turn color

Function: Using AlgaPure high Concentrated Seaweed Extract can increase the sugar content of grapes and promote the coloring of grapes.

How to use: Drip irrigation of 8kg/Ha 

Application stage: after grape harvest

Function: Using AlgaPure high Concentrated Seaweed Extract can restore tree vigor, enhance tree vigor, and lay the foundation for the next year's high yield.

How to use: Drip irrigation of 8KG/Ha


AlgaPure seaweed extract can be used in any two periods during grapes growing season, and only two times in a season can obtain very good results. It can break soil compaction, promote root growth, improve the stress resistance of grapes, promote photosynthesis of grape leaves, promote fruit expansion, and increase the sugar content of grapes. After using AlgaPure  seaweed extract flakes, the grape fruits grow evenly in size. The grapes are vigorous, and have high sugar content, good taste, and less disease. Seaweed extract can significantly promote the coloring of grapes in advance and improve the yield and quality of grapes. Long-term use can effectively prevent grape gray mold.

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Michael Cui


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