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How Alginate Oligosaccharide benefits to crops growthqrcode

Sep. 7, 2021

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Sep. 7, 2021

Alginate oligosaccharide is a naturally derived oligosaccharide from alginate and features low molecular weight, good water solubility and stability, as well as non-toxicity. 

It is good for promoting plant growth, enhancing plant resistance and inhibiting plant pathogenic bacteria. Comparing with chitosan oligosaccharide, the alginate oligosaccharide has more potentiality for use in agriculture and its benefits for plants are more obvious through experiments conducted by laboratories in universities and institutes. But it was not too recognized earlier because alginate oligosaccharide was not produced industrially. These years, more and more studies have approved the importance of alginate oligosaccharide for plants, alginate oligosaccharide started to come to insights of agrochemicals and fertilizers companies. And more and more biostimulant products or fertilizer products marked ‘alginate oligosaccharide’ have appeared in the agriculture market.


Alginate oligosaccharide

In China, Shandong Jiejing Group Corp is the first factory to begin industrialized production of alginate oligosaccharide and it is the leading company to export alginate oligosaccharide to the Australian and the USA agrochemical markets. In the field, Shandong Jiejing Group Corp has advantages that other companies cannot compete with. Firstly, Shandong Jiejing possesses the patent jointly invented with Ocean University of China. Secondly, Shandong Jiejing Group Corp has the advantage of raw materials, and has been producing alginates from brown seaweed since 1968 that can ensure the product quality and supply. Now, let us learn about alginate oligosaccharide in detail.


How does alginate oligosaccharide work for crops?

  1. It activates the immune system of SA (salicylic acid) and JA (jasmonic acid), which can resist bacteria and viruses, as well as reduce the use of pesticides.


    Alginate oligosaccharide increases the content of GA, IAA, JA in tobacco cells

  2. It induces plants to synthesize ABA (abscisic acid content increased by five times), JA (jasmonic acid), enhances plant resistance, fruit coloring and sweetness, matures early, so it is sold in the market earlier. Alginate oligosaccharide significantly improves the ability of plants to resist drought, cold, high temperatures, salinity, waterlogging and other adversities.


    Alginate Oligosaccharide (AOS) synthesize ABA (abscisic acid) content increased by 5 times.

  3. Induces plants to synthesize IAA (increases the auxin content by eight times), takes roots and sprouts quickly, and grows quickly.


  4. Add alginate oligosaccharide for your fertilizer formulation, and it can act as a plant vaccine.


Volume of alginate oligosaccharide addition (per Tonage)

Addition form


Addition method

Compound fertilizer



1. Acts as a plant vaccine.

After granulation, spray on the surface of the particles with temperature, and package after cooling.

2. Improves the salt and alkali-tolerant ability of crops.

3. Promotes crop growth, and improve photosynthesis capacity.




1. Promotes nitrogen absorption

2. Improves urea utilization

3. Promotes seedling growth, and chlorophyll synthesis.

Diammonium Phosphate



1. Improves crops' absorption and utilization of phosphorus and nitrogen

2. Promotes seed germination, and enhances stem and root development.

Granular Potash Fertilizer



1. Improves the absorption and utilization of potassium by crops

2. Promotes photosynthesis, increases the content of cellulose in plants

3. Promotes root growth, and enhances cold resistance.

Foliar fertilizer



1. Promotes absorption of key elements by crops and the synthesis of chlorophyll

Add directly to the liquid fertilizer and mix well.

2. Improves crop resistance to stress, promotes early flowering and improve quality.

Irrigation fertilizer



1. Slows down soil acidification and salinization

2. Adjusts soil pH

3. Promotes root system development, promotes plant growth

4. Improves crop resistance to diseases, and increases crop yield

Macro-element water soluble fertilizer



1. Improves enzyme activity, color and sweetness

If powder, mix with other material and mix well, if liquid, spray on the surface of granulars.

2. Promotes early maturity, increases yield and quality

3. Preserves flowers and fruits, resists disease and stress.

Potassium Dihydrogen Phosphate



1. Improves the utilization of phosphorus and potassium

2. Increases crop resistance, increases crop yield and quality

Calcium Ammonium Nitrate



1. Improves calcium ion channels, quickly increases the growth of crop cell walls

After granulation, spray on the surface of the particles with temperature, and package after cooling.

2. Resists lodging, promotes root development, increases fruit hardness and storage durability.

Calcium Magnesium Nitrate



1. Promotes the absorption of calcium and magnesium by crops

2. Promotes photosynthesis

3. Improves nucleic acid conversion and protein synthesis

4. Increases fruit sugar content.

If you are interested on Alginate Oligosaccharide and for more technical materials, please contact:

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