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Jul. 7, 2021

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Jul. 7, 2021

Agriculture has always been demanding, but nowadays growers are facing a multitude of new factors directly impacting their activities and requiring them to constantly adapt to meet these new challenges.

Climate change, consumer health, worker protection, society’s image of agriculture, new pest pressures, pesticide resistance management, loss of active ingredients, and the need to support biodiversity are challenges growers are confronted with daily.

Farmers are very adept at evolving and adapting best practices to become more efficient and sustainable, but they also need help from industry partners to meet these on-going challenges. They rely on new products from crop protection manufacturers to meet their goals of increasing yields while producing healthy food with little or no pesticides residues, all while being grown with farm worker and environmental safety as a top priority.

That is why a new era for nature-based, low-environmental impact products, with innovative mode of actions, is upon us. One contribution from Oro Agri, PREV-AM (also sold under brands OROGANIC®, PREV-GOLD®, OROCIDE®) is a multipurpose biopesticide utilizing a proprietary blend of botanical compounds found in cold-pressed orange oil. It is a contact pesticide solution against a wide variety of insects, diseases, and mites. An application of PREV-AM provides protection against these three pest threats at the same time, which is a unique characteristic among other pesticides on the market. PREV-AM provides broad-spectrum protection in open field and greenhouse conditions for both organic and conventional farming operations. It helps meet growers’ goals with an effective biopesticide exempt form MRL tolerances and greatly reduced worker and environment safety concerns compared to conventional chemical pesticides.

PREV-AM provides effective protection against a wide range of insect, mite, and disease targets with a minimal impact on beneficial fauna.

image.pngThe quick breakdown of PREV-AM, with no residual activity, minimizes its effect on beneficial and non-target species. Moreover, PREV-AM weakens the target pests, making them more vulnerable to predators and parasites. Independent studies have proven that under high pest pressure an application of PREV-AM will quickly knock down the pest population and create a positive predator/prey ratio.

Beneficial insects are critical to the economic and ecological health of agro-ecosystems. Establishing an equilibrium where beneficials can control pests to the point the economic damage threshold is not reached and extensive pesticide treatments are not needed is a long term, expensive and arduous goal to achieve. A single mis-applied or incorrect pesticide application can jeopardize years of best practices by upsetting this delicate balance. However, PREV-AM, because of its low impact on beneficial insects offers outstanding efficacy against damaging pests while keeping the predator/prey relationship in sync.

Another major benefit of using PREV-AM is the synergy it provides when using it with other types of plant protection products and plant protection techniques. Insecticides, acaricides, fungicides, biological controls (using endogenous population or the release of specific beneficials), and bio-technical programs will be greatly enhanced by the unique properties of OROWET® technology and the orange oil active ingredient mode of action contained in PREV-AM.

For example, one popular approach in France has been to spray both PREV-AM and reduced rates of sulphur in a tank-mix. Universities and independent studies have shown PREV-AM and sulphur combinations, when sulphur was reduced by as much as 50%, provided at least a 30% improvement in disease control when compared to sulphur applied at full rates as a stand-alone treatment. PREV-AM has shown to be more curative and sulphur more preventative, and when these products are sprayed in combination throughout the early season, not only is powdery mildew controlled, but also downy mildew, early incidence of Botrytis, and also insects such as mites, leafhoppers, aphids, and mealy bugs.


PREV-AM is a great tool to manage pesticide resistance by offering an alternative and complementary mode of action to synthetic chemicals When included in a resistance management spray program it increases treatment efficiency, optimizes the number of applications per season allowed for conventional pesticides and extends the useful life of resistance-susceptible plant protection partners. The physical mode of action of PREV-AM greatly reduces resistance development so it can be applied without seasonal limits and can help clean up resistant pest populations not controlled by other active ingredients.

The immediate knockdown and curative effect of PREV-AM can significantly improve pest control when tank mixed with partners with residual activity or used with other pesticides applied at low end labelled rates. Its patented orange oil active ingredient combined with OROWET technology, with its excellent surfactant properties, will dissolve honeydew and clean up sooty mold to improve control of pests hiding in the honeydew. Because of the synergy of the different modes of action, tank mixes with PREV-AM often show a 30-70% improvement versus applications without PREV-AM.

Oro Agri’s continuous quest for scientific knowledge drives us to invest heavily in plant science and plant protection research. This research has shown the greatest value of PREV-AM, while highly effective as a stand-alone application, is optimized when its quick knockdown, physical mode of action and reduced chance of resistance is used in synergy with other active ingredients and/or biological controls It also has been proven that regular use of PREV-AM as part of a regular spray program provides great economic return by knocking down pests populations before they reach the damage threshold that might require more expensive and resistance-susceptible pesticide applications.

Farmers will continue to face agronomic, societal, and environmental pressures as they strive to produce a healthy food supply. But now with PREV-AM they have an important tool to address many of the most pressing of issues these like resistance management, pesticide residues and food safety and sustainability.


ORO AGRI develops and manufactures patented products for agricultural, home, and industrial applications worldwide. We specialize in products that provide effective yet residue-free solutions to our clients’ pest control challenges. ORO AGRI develops, and distributes a portfolio of products that includes biopesticides, adjuvants, soil conditioners, bio stimulants, foliar fertilizers, and postharvest products. We are present in more than 90 countries, having factories on four continents, and state-of- the-art science and research centers in Brazil, Europe, the U.S.A., and South Africa.

Our research database contains more than 2000 field trial studies, including contributions from over 500 universities and research consulting groups. This research has led to over 200 patent applications, 22 patents, 68 biopesticide product registration certificates, more than 100 pending registration certificates, and over 1500 granted applications for various trademarks and slogans.

ORO AGRI investment in innovation and R&D combines science with natural and renewable resources to create safe and environmentally friendly crop protection and yield improvement solutions for the global agricultural and consumer markets. At its core, ORO AGRI has always been science powered by nature!

Web: www.oroagri.eu

Information: info-eu@oroagri.rovensa.com

This article, provided by ORO AGRI, was originally published in the magazine 2021 Biologicals Special

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