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Jun. 1, 2020

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Jun. 1, 2020
So many years, farmers have been using more and more traditional solid chemical fertilizers to soil, but crop growth and soil conditions both are getting worse and worse!That are because the excessive and over-dosage of traditional chemical solid fertilizers used by farmers, which are causing the serious soil and roots problems: soil hardness problems, soil pH problems (soil acidification, soil salinization), soil nematodes and diseases problems and etc.

According to the research, soil and roots problems always reduce 30%-70% yield! The most seriously will affect the 100% yield! The below photos are some crops attacked by the soil problems and the soil disease.

On the other hand, extensive using of traditional chemical fertilizers will cause environment problems, this is because of the chemical solid residue, heavy metal from traditional chemical fertilizers.

How to resolve the soil and crop rooting problems?

After years of painstaking research based on its “soil conditioner technology platform (15 years of experience)”, “soil nutrition technology platform (15 years of experience)” and “crop care & nutrition technology platform (20 years of experience)”, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd finally launched its package solutions  “ENERGY-X6” in 2017 in China, which packs two products: “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”. The product patent number in China is ZL00120600.1; ZL201310516140.X

“N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6” are for soil application, it is mainly functions are as below:
- FOR Healthy Soil, Rooting and Crops
- FOR Reduce Soil Diseases and Nematodes
- FOR Correcting Soil PH problems
- FOR Easy to Use and Saving Cost for Farmers
- FOR Best Full Nutritional Liquid Fertilizer Solutions

The  “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6” contains:
- Soil regulator activators (soil conditioner)
-  ater soluble organic matter: Pollen polysaccharide (extracted from rape pollen), Leonardite humic substances - Fluvic acid, Humic acid.
- Full ionic state clear and pure NPK: high absorptivity and utilization rate;
- Full trace and macro elements: high absorptivity and utilization rate;
- EcoCert Organic certified from EU.

How soil regulator activators (soil conditioner) works for soil from “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”?

What is Pollen Polysaccharide in “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”?

Pollen Polysaccharide is extracted from pollen of different plants and rich in amino acids, proteins, vitamins, flavonoids and other beneficial ingredients, which can promote the growth and development of roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruits of crops.
It will promote the growth of crop roots, increase the content of chlorophyll, and improve the quality, immunity, and abiotic stress resistance.

1) Pollen Polysaccharide Composition
2) Application of Pollen Polysaccharide

What are the Benefits of Water Soluble Organic Matter Components in “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”?

- Source of energy for beneficial soil organisms
- Improve the soil's water holding capacity
- Key components of a friable (loose) soil structure
- Degradation or inactivation of toxic substances
- Buffer (neutralize) the soil pH and liberate carbon dioxide
- Soil temperature stabilized hence checking water evaporation rate.
- Chelation of plant nutrients such as iron (Fe), copper (Cu), zinc (Zn), magnesium (Mg), manganese (Mn), and calcium (Ca) reduces their toxicity as cations, prevents their leaching, and increases their uptake rate by plant roots

About Leonardite Humic Substances in “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”?
- Leornadites are Unique Source of Humic & Fulvic Acid
- The sedimentation layers referred to as Leonardite are layers that were originally deep in the earth’s crust, but over many years have been exhumed/extracted, mined.
- Humic acids are found in high concentration in these layers.
- Leonardite is not a fertilizer. It acts as a conditioner for the soil and as a bio-catalyst and bio-stimulant for the plant.

About Uniqueness of Leonardite
- Compared to other organic products, Leonardite enhances plant growth (biomass production) and fertility of the soil.
- Long-term effectiveness, as it does not get consumed as quickly as animal manure, compost or peat.
- Decomposes completely, therefore it does not enter into nutritional competition with plants for nutrients like N.

Since “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6” launched in China in 2017 by Chengdu Newsun, the products are promoted on many crops as below:

1) Fruits: apple, citrus, orange, pear, mango, banana, peach, kiwifruit, strawberry, blueberry, grapes, cherry, plum, watermelon and etc.
2) Vegetables: tomato, cucumber, chili, carrot, cabbage, eggplant, potato, melons, beans, lettuce and etc.

Since 2019, Chengdu Newsun launched “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6” into overseas market. The feedbacks are very positive. Here are some cases:

1. Kenya market: roses and vegetables
The left photo roses is treated by “Biosmart”(It is the trade name of “Energy-X6” in Kenya).
The right photo roses is control, which is treated by other fertilizers from the market and choose by farmers according to their previous experience.

2. Vietnam market: fruits and vegetables

1) For onion

The package in the photo is designed for Vietnam market about our “Energy-X6” products.
Controlled means treated by other fertilizers from the market and choose by farmers according to their previous experience.
Farmer's comment: “Energy-X6” help onion stronger, less diseases. Onion have more tillers, with bigger and longer root, more roots and stronger roots, thinner and greener leaves;

2) For radish
Controlled means treated by other fertilizers from the market and choose by farmers according to their previous experience.
Farmer’s comment: long and heavy root, yield increased.

How to use “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”?

Suitable for all irrigation methods such as Drip Irrigation, Flood Irrigation, Pit Irrigation, Pipeline Irrigation

Market opportunities of “N-Energy-X6” and “K-Energy-X6”

1) Absolutely replace the traditional fertilizers, such as NPK compound fertilizers, Urea, MKP and etc.
2) Use together with traditional fertilizers, but decrease the application amount of traditional fertilizers.
By these ways, it not only can supply full nutrition to crops, but also can solve the soil problems, such as soil hardness problems, soil pH problems (soil acidification, soil salinization), soil nematodes and diseases problems and etc. So, finally help the crops grow better and increase the yield, improve the agricultural products quality.

EcoCert Certificates for Energy-X6

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