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US EPA proposes action to protect soybeans from major agricultural pestqrcode

May. 25, 2020

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May. 25, 2020
EPA is opening a 15-day comment period on a proposal to register Cry14Ab-1, a new plant-incorporated protectant (PIP) product that acts against the soybean cyst nematode.

Plant-parasitic nematodes, including the soybean cyst nematode, are among the most problematic agricultural pests. They cause serious crop losses worldwide with major economic consequences. These nematodes mostly inhabit the soil and attack the root system of plants.

Cry14Ab-1 has been tested across multiple agriculturally relevant pest species and was found to be active against nematodes. Based on data submitted in support of the Cry14Ab-1 PIP, EPA does not expect toxicity or allergenicity to humans, nor does the Agency expect adverse effects to non-target organisms. EPA routinely receives registration applications, such as this, and evaluates them to determine any risks to human health and the environment.

EPA encourages input on the proposed decision from all parties, including pesticide users; registrants; public interest organizations; and state, tribal and local governments.

The proposed decision is included in docket EPA-HQ-OPP-2019-0142 at regulations.gov. Comments are due on June 5, 2020.

Source: U.S. EPA


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