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Innovative botanical acaricide launched in China, “Marvee,” for controlling red spider mitesqrcode

Apr. 15, 2020

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Apr. 15, 2020
Red spider mites have overlapping generations, a strong reproductive capacity, small insect bodies, and high insecticide resistance, making them difficult to control and causing considerable losses to crops. Global acaricide product sales are predicted to increase to US$890 million in 2020, with a compound annual growth of 2.9%. Therefore, since 2010, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd. began to design and research an acaricide with a novel and innovative mode of action for bio-controlling red spider mites, successfully launching its novel and innovative botanical acaricide, “Marvee,” to control red spider mites. After several years of promotion in the Chinese market, the product has achieved success in bio-controlling red spider mites in different crops. 
1.  What is Marvee?
1) Marvee is an innovative botanical acaricide, which is extracted from the root and stem of the plant, Veratrum nigrum L., with Chengdu Newsun’s in-house technology, “Co-Extraction.” 
Figure 1: Veratrum nigrum L., the raw material of “Marvee”
2) Registration No. (ICAMA) in China: PD20131807
2.  The target of Marvee
1) The target insect of Marvee: red spider mites, such as Panonchus citri McGregor, and Tetranychus cinnabarinus and etc.
2) Target crops: citrus, orange, tea, strawberry, apple, eggplant, chili and cotton and etc.
3.  Mode of action of Marvee
1) Blocks spiracles
2) Inhibits sodium channel
After Marvee penetrates the skin of red spider mites or is eaten, it will inhibit the sodium channel, causing reflexive body excitation in the mites and inhibiting their sensory nerve endings. Finally, the red spider mites will experience shock and die.
4.  Market opportunities for Marvee 
1) Chemical pesticide residue management for fruits, vegetables and other crops with high economic value, especially for export purposes
In order to control pesticide residue in agricultural products, farmers must stop using chemical pesticides before harvesting. But during this period, red spider mites are still damaging crops. How can we solve this? It is better to use Marvee before harvesting between two to three times to avoid any chemical pesticide residue. 
2) Insect resistance management
After several years of using of traditional acaricides, the insect resistance of red spider mites increases significantly. So farmers have to increase dosage but still with lower efficacy. So, how can we solve this? We can use traditional chemical acaricides together with Marvee, which can significantly solve the problem of insect resistance. According to market feedback, here are some of Marvee’s best partner products:
3) Organic management of crops
As Marvee is completely natural, it is safe to use on crops, safe for the environment, and has no residue. It can, therefore, be used in organic farming. 
5.  The features of Marvee
1) Safety: Extracted from Veratrum nigrum L. and safe to humans, animals and plants. Eco-friendly.
2) Efficiency: 90% mortality after 30 mins of application.
3) No resistance: Different mode of actions in killing red spider mites.
According to market feedback, Marvee has shown good efficacy and its market share is increasing rapidly, giving it good future prospects. In the meantime, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science is continuing its efforts to expand the market globally. 
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