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Yutian Analysis: Diafenthiuron | 13 new countries thrust inqrcode

Apr. 3, 2020

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Apr. 3, 2020

Why Diafenthiuron?
News recently, A Chinese Agrochemical firm passed the environmental compliance completion acceptance of it's 1600-ton Diafenthiuron project.
Meanwhile it is coming the purchasing active season of the Southern Hemisphere, where this product mainly serving. Brazil ranked the top, following 2 South Asian countries, then the Latin America countries (Source: AgroPages China Pesticides Exporting Analysis System, Data period 2015-2019).

New joined markets:
Compared with year 2018, there were 13 new countries appeared, year 2019, having Diafenthiuron import business with China. They were Pakistan, Argentina, Vietnam and South Africa, who jumped up to TOP 5. While Uruguay was the TOP2 in 2018, but fell to the sixth in 2019.
That's why Diafenthiuron under the concern of the agrochemical buyers for their further evaluation .

How analysis Diafenthiuron?

1.World demand of Diafenthiuron
The total demand of Diafenthiuron is 1600-2000 ton,  the global sales reached US$100 million (year 2018).
2.China capacity of Diafenthiuron
The capacity China of Diafenthiruon is 5,000 ton/ year. Above mentioned A Agrochemical Ltd.,, takes 1,600 ton, which is the supplier of Syngenta. 
3.The 5-year trend
From 2015-2019, Diafenthiuron 95%TC took 52% (USD 84.6 million) of the total export amount (USD 162.6 million). During March to June, experiences the export peak every year. With the price fluctuated sharply in 2016, after that price trend to stable.
4.The change of formulation
Recent 5 years, the mainstream are:
Diafenthiuron 95% TC
Diafenthiuron 97% TC
Diafenthiuron 500g/L SC
The last one obviously increased its export amount during 2015-2019.
Have to mention, N company exported formulation Mix of Pyridaben and Diafenthiuron to Vietnam, 2018.
5.Main suppliers
Top 15 suppliers as illustrated below.

What is Diafenthiuron?
Diafenthiuron technical is a kind of thiourea insecticide and acaricide developed by Ciba-Geigy (now Syngenta), which is used to control piercing-sucking mouthpart pests and mites on cotton, fruit trees, vegetables and ornamental plants. In 1991, diafenthiuron was introduced to the market under the trade names, Polo and Pegasus. The product is a thiourea-structured insecticide, which is very rare among insecticides, allowing for the conversion into a mitochondrial respiratory inhibitor inside pests. Strictly speaking, it is a pro-insecticide, which is effective for the control of lepidoptera pests and mites, thus facilitating the product to grow rapidly. 

Source: AgroPages China Pesticides Exporting Analysis System, Data period 2015-2019
《AgroPages China Pesticides Exporting Analysis System》Ready to Order, Contact the Writor for Trail account:
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