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10 advantages of 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroidqrcode

Sep. 5, 2019

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Sep. 5, 2019
Brassinolide is the sixth most recognized plant growth regulator in the world. Since it was discovered in 1970, more than 60 active ingredients have been found by human beings, collectively known as brassinolide.
The 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid is an important member of the brassinolide family and is extracted from rape pollen, so it has higher activity, better compatibility with plants, it is more environmentally and ecologically friendly and offers better food safety.
The advantages of 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid are prominent, and include it being natural, efficient, of a broad-spectrum, safe, etc. The following is a summary of its advantages:
1) The 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid and mother liquid of plant extract (auxiliaries) has more than three kinds of brassinolide and its derivatives, with more stable activity, wider application and higher safety to crops.
2) The synergistic function of the technical and its formulation is stronger, the water solubility is better, the plant absorption and transformation is easier, and the formulation can be used in conjunction with most pesticides and fertilizers (except strong alkali and strong acidity).
3) Promotes growth, keeping the flower and fruit, and ensuring remarkable activity and high safety.
4) Offers endogenous control of crop growth, improves crop growth, increases yield and improves the quality of agricultural products. The effect is obvious.
5) The stress resistance of crops is outstanding. Using it to soak seeds and mix seeds can improve the germination rate and seedling rate. It also has a significant effect on resisting low temperatures, freezing and hot-dry winds.
6) Increasing the efficacy of pesticides and fertilizers will play a prominent role in increasing the efficiency and reducing the amount of pesticides and fertilizers.
7) 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid can stimulate the resistance of crop diseases and reduce the pesticide resistance of control targets.
8) Mixing 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid with pesticides and fertilizers can prevent pesticide damage and fertilizer damage, and quickly get rid of pesticide damage after its occurrence and restore vitality to perform excellently.
9) It is easy to use and is suitable for spraying, drip irrigation, flushing, flight prevention, etc.
10) 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid has been widely used in agriculture, and has been applied to more than 80 crops, and is suitable for all crop-growing periods.
14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid is the only registered natural brassinolide analogue at present and its key technologies have been acquired by the China Invention Patent (ZL 200810046182.0), the PCT American Patent (US9326506), the PCT Australian Patent (AU2014100700), and the ECOCERT organic certificate.

1. The China Invention Patent (ZL 200810046182.0) of 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.
2. The PCT American Patent (US9326506) of 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.
3. The PCT Australian Patent (AU2014100700) of 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.
4. The ECOCERT organic certificate of 14-hydroxylated brassinosteroid by Chengdu Newsun Crop Science Co., Ltd.
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