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Chengdu Newsun launches biostimulant soil fertilizer using 6 core biotechnologiesqrcode

Mar. 1, 2019

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Mar. 1, 2019

Chengdu Newsun launches biostimulant soil fertilizer using 6 core biotechnologies

 At the end of 2017, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science executed a strategic partnership with Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials for a nation-wide general distribution arrangement. At the end of 2018, Chengdu Newsun Crop Science worked with Guangdong Tianhe Agricultural Materials to launch the biostimulant soil fertilizer product series, which includes three products –N-Energy-X6、K-Energy-X6、Woojar.

The N-Energy-X6、K-Energy-X6、Woojar biostimulant series is a reflection of a combination of the six core technologies of Chengdu Newsun. The product series is designed for broad application to fruit trees, vegetables, foodgrain crops and Chinese herbs. While ensuring compliance with eco-agriculture and organic farming requirements, the product series covers soil care, soil remediation and soil nutrition management with more than 60 kinds of organic nutrients, which provide sufficient energy and fertility to soil. 
Core Technology No.1

The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar contain food grade microbial fermentation-based water-soluble organic carbon and biostimulant nutrients. The water-soluble organic carbon content is around 10 times higher than that of ordinary organic fertilizers, which allows for the crop’s fast absorption and utilization, thus producing more natural farm products of better quality and better taste toward the original genetics of products. 
Core Technology No.2

The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar contain ionic state nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium formed via the biological polymerization of biostimulant water-based nutrient nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, which can be directly absorbed, converted and utilized by plants while being environment-friendly, without causing contamination and acidification to soil. The product series can be used mixed with Yara full water-soluble compound fertilizer, which will complement crop nutrients more comprehensively and completely.

Core Technology No.3 

The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar contain selected acid-proof and stress-resistant microbial strains good for soil health, with each liter containing above 100 million CFU. The continued use of the N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar will be adequate to maintain the vitality of soil, which excludes the use of other biological bacterial fertilizers.

Core Technology No.4

The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar encompass a botanic soil aggregate structure-oriented remediation technique, which is patented in China and the United States. The technique enables breaking of soil hardening and restoration of the soil aggregate structure. Soil after restoration or soil under continued restoration has an apparently improved permeability, where soil remains in harmony with water, gas and heat, thus enhancing plant root growth and nutrient uptake, which will facilitate the growth of more roots, a deeper root system and a stronger plant body.
Core Technology No.5

The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar contain 100% mineral medium and micro elements, as well as more than 20 minerals produced via the patented biological polymerization technique. The medium and micro elements are up to medical injection standard, and can be fully absorbed, converted and utilized by plants without causing repeated contamination to soil. It will complement effectively the constantly damaged or lost soil minerals as a result of farming activities.
Core Technology No.6
The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar contain medicinal organic substances extracted from botanical fungicides and insecticides. The product series has an apparent function of inhibition of diseases, insect pests and other harmful derivative organisms in the soil. This application cleans the soil environment and reduces soil-borne diseases, which is a significant contribution to China’s pesticide-use reduction initiative, while replenishing soil with natural and safe organic substances.
The N-Energy-X6, K-Energy-X6 and Woojar soil nutrition and health management package named “One fertilizer with six effects” is a change from traditional farming, which just lays stress on nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium but neglects soil environment management. This new management package provides technical support and a means of assurance for traditional farming, especially for ecoagriculture and organic farming. Its 100% water-soluble formulation advantage serves as a safeguard for the “Water and fertilizer integration” management, which paves the way for green agricultural development, improvement and preservation of the agro ecological environment and restoration of biodiversity. 
 ===Part of Application Demonstrations ===

Environment-friendly, complying with green organic farming; improving soil structure effectively, breaking hardening, reducing soil acidification and improving the soil eco-environment.
Woojar facilitates crop root growth and nutrient uptake.
N-Energy-X6 facilitates uniform and flourishing seedlings, greener foliage, a higher plant height and a better plant body.
K-Energy-X6 facilitates uniform fruit growth, sugar accumulation and conversion; accelerates rice grouting; boosts uniformity of plump seeds and fruit color; and increases yield and quality.

Effectively increases a crop’s resistance to stress

To know more about Chengdu Newsun Crop Science, please visit: http://www.cdxzy.com/en/  
Any inquiry, please contact newsunagro@cdxzy.com

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