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AgJunction to open two new Centers of Excellenceqrcode

Apr. 19, 2018

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Apr. 19, 2018

United States  United States

AgJunction, Inc announced the creation of two technology Centers of Excellence. These technology hubs, based in Scottsdale, Arizona and Brisbane, Australia, will accelerate innovation in developing low-cost, simple-to-use precision agriculture solutions for all farmers.
"By creating these Centers of Excellence, we are further advancing our ability to innovate rapidly to better serve our customers," said Dave Vaughn, AgJunction president and chief executive officer. "Our customers are facing tough economic challenges today, and our job is to make autosteering accessible to the millions of small farms who can't afford it, so they can begin to prosper from the benefits of precision agriculture." 
In today's environment, small farmers are facing the choice to either grow their farm or die. AgJunction believes there is a third choice - get more out of the land they already own with affordable precision ag solutions - which is the foundation of our Hands-Free Farm revolution. Hands-free farming, the ability to precisely autosteer a tractor, is proven to increase yield and decrease input costs regardless of the size of the farm. According to a USDA study, autosteering can save a farmer an average of $15 per acre regardless of the size of the farm. 
Current precision ag solutions in the market are out of reach for most small farms, because of high costs and complexity. By creating solutions that are low-cost, simple-to-buy and easy-to-use, AgJunction is bringing the technology to small farms that has been unattainable to date. 
"Farming is a legacy to be cherished and passed on to the next generation. AgJunction is committed to leveling the playing field with precision ag technologies, so all farmers - even those with smaller farms or older equipment - can prosper," said Vaughn.
Source: AgJunction


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